Why Now Might Be A Good Time To Invest In A New Hay Shed

While the last few months haven’t been easy for anyone on the land, now might be one of the best times to invest in hay storage for the future of your farm. With assistance & grants currently available for improving your farm’s infrastructure & drought preparedness, a new structural steel hay shed could be a smart investment.

The information provided in this article is general only and is correct as of 6th of August 2019. However, the available assistance and grants could change at any point. You should also carefully consider all of your options before proceeding with a new hay shed.

Why Buy A Structural Steel Hay Shed?

When you’re investing in the future of your business, you want to be sure your investment is going to stand the test of time. Structural steel is stronger, longer-lasting, and can be easier to install than purlin sheds.

Because of the thicker steel used for the main portal frames and roof rafters, structural steel sheds are a lot more robust and are more likely to stand up to the occasional bump from machinery as you move hay in and out of the shed.

While the initial investment can be higher for structural steel sheds, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shed is engineered and structured to last is worth it.

It’s also worth considering your reasons for building a new hay shed in the first place. A well designed, structural steel hay shed won’t just last you a lifetime, it will save you money by reducing spoilage and wastage. Your specific hay shed needs might vary, depending on what you’re storing and the climate in your area. However, the right shed will take these factors into account to protect your produce.

The expert team of design consultants at Techspan can help you get a structural steel hay shed that is structured to work. We’ll help you consider the size, structure, location and site-specific requirements to make sure you’re getting what you need. If you’d like to discuss some of the options available, give us a call on 1800 350 450.

Isn’t It A Big Job Building a New Shed?

That’s where the Techspan Smart Build System comes in. We can provide support to help you to self-manage your hay shed project from planning to completion. Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to streamline processes to help you save time and money. 

We help you move quickly through the planning, design and approval processes. We manufacture and deliver a quality building kit to site. We then connect you to a network of trusted contractors to complete the building.

Why Now?

With the drought, and many farmers struggling, it might not seem like the best time to build. However, there are currently several financial assistance options that can help you to improve your farms infrastructure. These are designed to assist you in enhancing your drought preparedness and farm infrastructure. Improved feed or produce storage capacities usually will fall within these areas.

Currently, some of the available subsidies & assistance include:

  • $50,000 interest-free loans
  • $1,000,000 low interest loans
  • Instant tax write off

To find out more about which of these options are applicable in your situation, we recommend visiting to view currently available assistance options in your region.

Need More Reasons?

We’ve just launched a range of pre-engineered hay sheds, designed over years of consultation with various farms. 

The Silver Series is the same high-quality structural steel construction as our custom hay sheds. By reducing the options to three main configurations, we’re able to offer them at unrivalled prices. As the designs are pre-engineered, we can provide unbeatable 4-6 week lead times on this series

We are the preferred supplier for some of Australia’s largest hay producers, and with a network of 1000+ farmers throughout the country, your peace of mind is our priority. We understand that with reputation comes expectation, an expectation we meet every single time. Techspan knows what works and what doesn’t, where to cut costs and where not too.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

For a limited time, we are also offering a 10% cashback on Silver Series hay sheds. Find Out More About The Silver Series & Get An Instant Estimate.

Are you looking for something more custom? We can help with that too! Contact our expert team for a design consultation and quote.

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