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Choosing the Right Walls For Your Grain Shed

When building a new grain storage shed, there are a few wall options to consider. Each option has some pros and cons, that we’ll cover here. If you’re still not sure which option will best suit your needs, feel free to contact our expert design consultants for personalised advice.

What Are The Grain Shed Wall Options?

There are four main options or you to consider when designing your grain shed: full concrete walls, concrete bump rails, full steel walls, and self-supporting removable panels.

Full Concrete Walls Diagram

Full Concrete Walls

A full concrete wall will be created from pre-cast concrete panels, and installed in place of standard wall cladding in your grain shed. This option is the strongest and most robust wall option. The strength of the concrete panels will allow for easy unloading with a grain bucket, and stand up to an occasional bump. A full concrete wall also allows for good vermin-proof sealing between the slab and wall, protecting your grain. This option does come at a higher cost, though.

Concrete Bump Rails

This is a more cost-effective option, compared to full concrete walls, while keeping many of the same benefits. Rather than the wall being full height precast concrete panels, we install a shorter concrete panel around the perimeter of the shed. This gives enough strength to easily and quickly unload with a grain bucket, but is not quite as robust as a full concrete wall. Like a full concrete wall though, the concrete bump rail allows for excellent vermin-proof sealing with the slab.

Concrete Bump Rails Diagram
Full Steel Wall Diagram

Full Steel Wall

This is the most cost-effective option when building a new grain shed. The steel wall can be placed inside supports to ensure they can support the weight of the grain, without losing any internal space. This is the fastest and most flexible way to build your new grain shed. But the trade-off is less effective vermin sealing, and less robust walls that won’t take as much of a beating as concrete.

Self-supporting Removable Panels

Removable panels are a modular and versatile solution, that might be a great option if you plan on using your shed for purposes other than storing grain. These can also be made to fit inside your existing shed. When you’re not storing grain, they can be removed, and stacked, freeing up extra space inside your shed. The self-supporting wall panels can also be used as a freestanding bunker, outside of a shed, and with ground and cover tarps for fumigation. This is a cost effective option for a multi-purpose shed, but you do lose some interior shed space to allow for the self-supporting frame.

Self supporting removable panels diagram

Which Option Will Be Best For My Grain Shed?

The option that will work best for you will depend on your grain storage needs, your other plans for your shed, and of course your budget. If you have questions or need more advice on the option that’ll work best for you, get in touch with our design consultants for personalised advice.

Other Grain Shed Options To Consider

Slab Or Ground Tarp

A ground tarp is a cost-effective way to protect your grain stored in your grain shed, but it does make loading and unloading more difficult. A concrete slab is much more robust, and allows for fast and easy unloading. Both options offer similar vermin sealing capabilities.

Auger Inlets & Outlets

Unloading and loading should be simple to operate and permit ample auger access. Our in built inlets and outlets can make it easy to use your grain auger to manage your feed.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is important to help prevent mildew and contamination while your produce is being stored. We have ventilation solutions to provide the right atmosphere.

Increased Storage

We can increase storage capacity by using retaining walls, reinforced steel external walls, or internal dividing walls.

Vermin Proofing

Don’t risk contamination. Keep out rodents and birds with our unique PEST-GUARD rodent proofing system.

Off Season Storage

Don’t forget that these sheds are a great place to store your machinery during the off season.

Still not sure which options will work best for you?

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We can help you determine which wall type will best suit your needs and budget, what other features you might need to consider, and get you started on planning a grain shed that is structured to work for you.

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