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Smart Build System Structured To Work

The TechSpan Smart Build System is structured to work from planning to completion. Whether you are looking to self-manage your project or wanting a done for you project, we work with you at every step of the process to enable you to get the shed you need.

The TechSpan Smart Build System

The Problem

In a world where a simple and straightforward building project is almost a thing of the past, the emergence of Techspan’s Smart Build System is cutting through the clutter of today’s construction scene. 

With more than 20 years’ in the industry, our experience allows us to seamlessly support clients through the entire construction project. Our Smart Build process enables you to save both time and money by helping you move quickly through the planning, design and approval processes. We manufacture and deliver a quality building kit to site. You can choose to manage the project yourself, partner with a local builder or we then connect you to a network of trusted contractors to complete the building.

Many of our clients have recognized and are frustrated with the waste that has found its way into the traditional turn-key building journey.

Time is wasted through the fragmented and disconnected circuit of consultants who have no clear coordinator and spend precious time waiting for one another to share information. Further time is wasted through the commercial tender process where bidders spend weeks preparing detailed pricing tenders followed by the evaluation and negotiation phase. This is before any meaningful work can even commence. At times when designs are unrealistic even further time and money is wasted by another round of design work and tendering. To cover the cost of this investment, builders must charge higher margins on all trades and services they oversee. With Smart Build you can work directly with those who will be completing the work, allowing budget costing to be obtained quickly, and inefficient design ideas can be removed before they are locked into the project. 

The Smart Build System is both innovative and efficient, empowering you to effectively self-manage a project.  The system allows you to choose exactly what you would like to handle, and Techspan will work with you to coordinate the rest. As a result, you achieve a quality building outcome with much less effort than going it alone and much less cost than going with a full turn-key package.

The Solution


Council approval and building permits are renowned for being the first and sometimes the most significant headache in the building process. What appears to be a basic and straight forward project can descend into a long and convoluted process where you begin to wonder why you ever embarked on the project at all. This can often be significantly simplified by having the right people working on the project and approaching the project with a clear plan and understanding of the required approvals process.

Techspan has built a network of SmartPoint verified consultants who have a thorough understanding of the building codes. They can bring a coordinated and no-nonsense can-do approach to meeting the building approval requirements.

During the initial design consultation, we will work with you to determine exactly what level of assistance you require in this area. When you self-manage these consultant’s money can be saved.


Building kit Manufacture is our core and strong point. We are renowned for our innovative building designs. We customize our collection of pre-engineered designs to create a building that is structured to work for your exact situation.  We draw on years of valuable experience to ensure that the wasteful processes that are associated with one-off construction projects are eliminated.

Our highly skilled team of draftsmen model your building using advanced 3D modelling software and skilled tradesmen work in-house with up-to-date CNC equipment to fabricate the frame and components. This allowed us to control quality at all steps of the drafting and manufacturing process from design to finished product. 


The connect phase of the project is where the self-management activity saves you real money.

Where traditional building sites would have a fulltime site manager supervising at times just a few self-directed trades, you will have all access to the required documentation to enable you to engage directly with your local tradespeople who will do the work.

Whist this phase can consume time on site, the cost savings that you can enjoy, and satisfaction being able to play an integral part in the building project make it a very rewarding experience.

When assessing quotations for trades work, we are happy to help evaluate the options presented to ensure that you are receiving a suitable proposal that represents value for money. In fact, we will share our ever-growing network of SmartPoint verified site tradespeople who have had their workmanship tried and proven. In particular, we have Techspan approved shed erectors who can travel to site and are able to manage one of the larger segments of work virtually unassisted.

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The system allows you to choose exactly what you would like to handle, and TechSpan will work with you to coordinate the rest. As a result, you achieve a quality building outcome with much less effort than going it alone and much less cost than going with a full turn-key package.

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