Council Approvals & Consultant Roles

The council approvals process can involve working with several different consultants to prepare the right documentation for your application. To help make this process run smoother, we’ve put together a summary of some of the key consultants you might need to work with for your new TechSpan steel building.

What is the PCA and what is their role?

The main roles of the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) include:

  • Ensure compliance with the development consent and the construction certificate or the complying development certificate;
  • Ensure compliance with all the relevant development conditions;
  • Ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia;
  • Carry out all the required inspections associated with the building works;
  • Issue the occupation certificate when all works are completed.

What is a Town Planner?

A town planner works on behalf of the developer or landowner and can advise on and assess your development idea and plans. Town planners can develop a strategy and help put together reports to ensure the best outcome in the council approval process.

What is an Architectural Draftsman?

An architectural draftsman will turn the architectural concepts into drawings and plans that can be submitted as part of your approvals process.

What is a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer’s job is to ensure that your building design is structurally sound. They will analyse the properties of your structure, test the behaviour and durability of materials used in their construction, and design and supervise the construction of all types of buildings to ensure they will stand up to the conditions and use they’re intended for.

What is a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineers design and plan the construction of dams, bridges, pipelines, sewage systems, roads and other civil projects. They also analyse the likely behaviour of soil and rock at the site of your proposed development to ensure your new building and its foundations will be structurally sound.

What is the Role of A Builder?

A builder oversees and coordinates the construction of your new building, and can manage the entire project. The builder is responsible for managing schedules, organising other trades, managing quality and compliance, managing the site, and ensuring WHS rules are enforced. There are strict safety regulations including wearing protective equipment, and ensuring the site is safe for other necessary site visitors that builders must comply with.

What is a Private Certifier?

Registered certifiers assess and determine applications for development certificates for building and subdivision work. Most certifiers are qualified building surveyors who can issue development certificates for building work, be appointed as the principal certifier, and carry out inspections.

What is TechSpan’s Role?

TechSpan does not take on the role of the builder or principal contractor. TechSpan is responsible for the design, structural engineering, and the supply and installation of the structural steel and cladding package. Our scope includes all structural steel, cladding, doors, windows and rainwater goods to ground level. Techspan can also help with civil and concrete engineering design, and connect you with our ever-growing network of SmartPoint verified consultants and tradespeople to support you with installation, as needed.

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