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How the Smart Build System Enables You To Get A Building That Is Structured To Work For Your Needs.

The TechSpan Smart Build System is structured to work from planning to completion, and we’re with you every step of the process to enable you to get the building you need. The first step, though, is determining what it is that you actually need for this development, and that’s where our expert design consultants come in.

You probably already have a pretty clear idea of what needs to go in your building, how you plan on using it, and what it needs to help you achieve. But our experts and the Smart Build System can help turn that into a reality; meeting, or even exceeding, your expectations for the project.

An Introduction To The TechSpan Smart Build System

TechSpan's Smart Build System.

There are three main phases in the Smart build System: Consult, Manufacture, and Connect. Firstly, you consult with TechSpan, and our network of SmartPoint verified consultants to plan and design your building. Once both yourself and the council approve your building, then we move on to manufacturing your structural steel building. Our in-house manufacturing gives us the edge on design, quality and lead-time. Once manufacturing of your building is complete, we organise delivery to your site and connect you with the necessary contractors to get your building installed.

Why Choose The Smart Build System?

Our Smart Build System was born out of experience; a desire to streamline the building process; and the belief that there must be a better way to build. TechSpan and our clients both recognised and became frustrated with the amount of waste that has found its way into the traditional turn-key building contracts.

The primary goal of the Smart Build System is to reduce the waste of time and materials and streamline the entire building process, from planning to completion. This is achieved by empowering you to effectively self-manage your project.

Traditional turn-key building projects waste time through the fragmented and disconnected circuit of consultants who have no defined coordinator and spend precious time waiting for one another to share information. More time is wasted through the commercial tender process where bidders spend weeks preparing detailed pricing tenders and enter an evaluation and negotiation phase. All of this is before any meaningful work can even commence. At times when designs are unrealistic, even more time and money is wasted by another round of design work and tendering. To recoup the cost of this time, builders charge higher margins on all the trades and services they oversee. 

Our innovative system disrupts the fragmentation of turn-key building projects by making you the central coordinator for your project and connecting you with the consultants you need at each stage. This has shown to reduce build time on some projects by up to 4-6 months compared to traditional methods, resulting in a more efficient project and a faster return on investment for our clients.

The Smart Build System also reduces the waste of building materials and labour, leading to a lower project cost. Our years of industry experience and management of design, manufacture and procurement has proven to save clients more than 30% of the build cost through efficient use of both materials and labour. Efficiency is core to our engineering, design, and manufacturing processes and installation procedures.

So now you have a basic understanding of what the Smart Build System is, and how it came about, let’s get into how the first stage works.

The Initial Design Consultation

The first thing we need to do is get a clear picture of your goals for your new development. Years of experience have taught us that the best way to do this is simply to have a chat! We start by getting to know you, your business and goals, and any specific requirements or limitations you might have for this development.

Once we’ve started to get a bit of an understanding of what it is you’re after, we ask some more detailed questions to determine the project specifics and scope. Depending on how developed the project concept is, we might also recommend you download our design worksheet to help you sort through your ideas and get them down on paper. The worksheet guides you through some of the things you should consider to get a clear picture of what the final building needs to be, which will likely also save you some money.

If you already have a pretty clear picture of the end result, we’ll get started on a plan covering the specifications of the project like the size, location, site limitations, design features, materials, and an initial design concept. That’s why we’ve found that these consultations work best as a conversation—we can offer advice on what we think works best for you based on our more than 20 years experience, and you’re not handing off control to a third party which can cause a lot of back and forth and wasted time.

At this stage, we also discuss how much help you’ll require for council approvals, site surveys, specialist engineering, soil tests and any other area where you may need assistance.

The core of the Smart Build System is that we enable you to self-manage your project by putting you in touch with our network of SmartPoint verified consultants, and letting you choose the level of assistance you need from us.

Our network of SmartPoint verified consultants have a thorough understanding of the building codes and engineering requirements. They can bring a coordinated and no-nonsense, can-do approach to meeting the requirements for your location.

By the end of this stage, you’ll receive an initial quote, a free concept design, and possible inclusions and exclusions based on your needs. We’ll include as much information as we can in this estimate to enable you to make decisions and plan your finances.

Once you’re happy with your initial concept, we connect you with our SmartPoint verified consultants to assist with BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements, site surveys, soil tests, engineering and council approvals and turn our initial plan into a detailed design.

Site Surveys

Site Surveys

You’ve got a pretty clear plan of what your project needs to deliver following your design consultation, and you’ve probably got a pretty clear idea of where it will be built, so now is the time to bring in a surveyor to assess the conditions of the building site.

Unlike traditional turn-key building projects where time is likely to be wasted waiting for information from independent consultants, we enable you to become the project manager and take control. Self-managing lets you get the information you need and move on to the next stage in a more timely manner.

Soil Tests

Soil Tests

As part of your site survey, it’s a good idea to get a soil test done. A soil test determines the properties of the soil on the site. It includes the compaction rates and reactivity (whether the ground contracts and expands considerably).

While a formal test is not always necessary for an engineers certificate, it is something we recommended as the soil test determines what is needed regarding the building’s foundation and footings. Soil testing can determine how deep the foundations should be and if long piers are needed.

The Smart Build System allows us to put you in touch with a local geo-technician to get your soil test organised. Instead of having to search for someone, you can choose to work with one of our SmartPoint verified consultants. These are consultants that have passed our rigorous criteria to ensure they are knowledgeable, reliable, and can get you the information you need quickly.

Final Design & Quote

Final Design & Quote

Once you’re happy with the initial plan, and you have the extra information from the site survey and soil tests, we work with you to finalise all the details of your building. Based on the information from the initial design consultation and any new information from soil tests and surveys, we finalise a detailed design and plan. 

We’ll go through the design with you and make sure everything is precisely how you want it. Whether you choose to do this over the phone, in person, or via email, we’ll walk you through the whole process. By the end of this stage, you’ll have nailed down the exact design of your project, and you’ll get a final quotation and with a full list of everything it does and doesn’t cover. You’ll also have most of the information you need to proceed with engineering certification and council approvals.

Engineering Certification

Engineering Certification

Once you’ve approved the final design and quote, we’ll connect you with an independent engineer who can check that everything on the plan meets the requirements and specifications. They’ll consider the required wind ratings, terrain, soil test results and the building’s importance rating.

During this stage, the engineer gives further feedback and recommendations, and we make the appropriate changes in our drawings before sending back for further evaluation. Once the engineer is happy with the design, they issue a Design Certificate or Form 15. You’ll need this to proceed with council approvals.

Council Approval

Council Approval

Council approval and building permits are renowned for being one of the most significant headaches in the building process. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. The Smart Build System can simplify the approvals process by helping you reach the right SmartPoint verified consultants at the right stage.

It’s important to note, though, that not all structures will require council approval. Some buildings may be exempt developments (that require no approval) or complying developments (that require the council to be notified but don’t require a development application). The requirements for each type of development varies from council to council and can be impacted by state and territory laws, but our design consultants and SmartPoint verified planning consultants will help you find which rules apply to your building. 

If you do need Council approval, this generally requires a bit of a back and forth process, as council requests more information and details as the process progresses. The complexity of the project will determine the stage to best approach council. On complex projects, it will be beneficial to organise a pre-DA meeting with the council to discuss any specific requirements and flag any potential issues ahead of time. The information gained from this meeting enables us to tailor the design of your building to suit these specific requirements and helps to avoid some of the back-and-forth, ultimately saving you time. The pre-DA meeting will normally include yourself, a TechSpan representative, the planning consultant and a council town planning representative.

If the council needs extra details and documentation, we’re more than happy to help you out, connecting you with the most appropriate consultants from our network, and providing the necessary information.

You might also choose to work with a private certifier instead of directly with council certifiers. The process is pretty similar for both, and the building has to meet the same requirements regardless. However, private certifiers can typically speed up the process, which may be beneficial if you have a short time frame for your project. Early on in the consultation process, our experts can help you choose the option that best suits your needs and the project.

Want to learn more about the council approval process? Read our council approvals guide here.

What’s Next?

At this stage, you have a final, engineered plan that has been approved by council, and you’re ready for the next step. Building kit manufacture is the core of our business and our strong suit. We are renowned for our innovative building designs and high-quality manufacturing. Once everything is signed-off, we begin our manufacturing process.

Want to learn more about our manufacturing process?

Want to learn more about our manufacturing process? Read our article on our manufacturing process here. We cover our process and how the Smart Build System makes us different from other manufacturers.

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