Smart Build System

Our Manufacturing Process

Our Smart Build System Manufacturing Process Saves You Time & Money And Gets You A Building That’s Structured To Work.

At the end of the consult phase, you’ll have a final, engineered plan for your project that is structured to work. You’ll have the necessary approvals, and be ready for us to start our manufacturing process. Manufacturing is where the Smart Build System really shines!

Our Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process is comprised of six key stages to reduce waste, save time, and ensure quality. 

  1. Shop Drawing: First, we create a detailed shop drawing with innovative CAD software to allow us to get the position and alignment of every piece and bolt perfect. 
  2. Scheduling & Procurement: We then schedule the production of your building kit using our cutting-edge production scheduling and procurement software. 
  3. Material Processing: Once the materials for your building arrive, we use the latest in CNC and plasma technology to cut, drill and prepare the materials for fabrication with the least amount of wasted materials and time possible. 
  4. Fabrication: With all the pieces ready, our highly-skilled professional fabricators check each component and begin welding. 
  5. Surface treatment: When fabrication is complete it is important to protect your building against corrosion. We have a number of options for various applications.
  6. Delivery: Once fabrication is complete, our SmartPoint QC checklist ensures that everything you need for installation is correct before it is delivered to site by our network of trusted carriers.

Shop Drawing

Once your design is finalised & engineered, we construct a detailed 3D CAD model of the building. We place each piece, right down to every single bolt, to ensure the perfect fit and alignment. Our advanced CAD software also enables us to simulate the movement of all moving parts to ensure proper operation when the structure is complete.

Our shop drawing differs from the engineered plan as we draw and dimension every individual piece of steel. This 3D drawing is more detailed than the engineered plan and enables us to get the fabrication and fit of each component perfect.

Our unique manufacturing and design processes allows us to create structures that are easy to assemble. That’s how we help reduce your total costs: by saving on installation labour costs while making installation as safe and easy as possible.

Once the shop drawings are complete, we create a full bill of materials for your project, which incorporates every piece of steel we need to fabricate the entire structure. Before progressing further, we then double-check the bill of materials with our SmartPoint checklist and distribute the list to all the manufacturing divisions.

Procurement & Scheduling

We don’t just save you money by reducing our material waste. Our in-house procurement and scheduling systems lessen the final cost to you by ensuring there is no wasted time. We use a cutting-edge production scheduling system to ensure the productivity of our fabrication and manufacturing staff. This system also allows us to give you accurate delivery estimates, saving you the time and hassle of coordinating or rescheduling multiple contractors for earthworks and concreting without any definite timelines.

Our innovative scheduling system also allows us to order the materials required for your project using automated purchase orders. Automated procurement ensures the materials arrive in time for our fabrication process to begin.

Material Processing

At TechSpan, we use a combination of various computer-aided material processing techniques to ensure the materials for your project are cut, drilled and prepared for fabrication as accurately as possible. These technologies reduce material waste and errors, making sure we get each cut right the first time.

CNC Cutting & Drilling

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to any computer-controlled machining tools. CNC allows for much higher accuracy in cutting and drilling the material for your project and utilises the detailed data from our shop drawings to make sure everything fits together as it should.

Plasma Plate Preparation

Plasma is an advanced cutting process that allows plates of any shape or size to be accurately cut ready for use in the structure. We use plasma cutting to prepare all plates to ensure a perfect fit.


Once we have all the materials for your project cut, drilled, and prepared, our highly-skilled, trained fabrication professionals begin putting everything together. But, before the welding begins, every component is checked with our thorough SmartPoint checklist. We check that each piece is the correct size, the holes are drilled where they should be, and we have every part we need. By ensuring everything is perfect before welding begins, we save wasted time and material. It’s also one way we make sure the end product delivered to your building site is high-quality.


We ensure all of the bolts and fixings for your structure are manufactured to Australian standards and are of the highest quality. All components are designed to fit and work correctly as part of our innovative design and shop drawing processes.

Surface treatment

Once we have completed the fabrication of your building, we treat the surface of all the parts to ensure they are long-lasting. 

Depending on your location and requirements we offer a number of Surface treatment options. Most buildings are best suited to a blast & paint finish. For marine or corrosive environments we recommend upgrading to Hot Dip Galvanizing. For more information about the surface treatment options available and what might best suit your project, read our article about hot-dip galvanizing and painting.

Delivery & Logistics

Once all surface treatment for your building is complete, we complete our final quality control check. The final QC check allows us to quickly correct any issues, before delivery to site, and is a crucial step in our SmartPoint verification system.

We check that each component has been fabricated to the precise specifications from the shop drawing and that every single piece—right down to every bolt—is ready for installation.

Once our final SmartPoint QC check is complete, everything you need for on-site installation to begin is dispatched with one of our trusted, SmartPoint verified carriers. Our network of carriers ensures your building kit will arrive on-site on time and ready to be installed, at the best cost possible.

What’s Next?

While we’re manufacturing the structure for your project, you’re likely managing the completion of earthworks, foundations and preparing the site for delivery and installation. With assistance from our network of approved contractors, this is not as intimidating as it sounds. Once your shed kit is delivered to site, installation can begin. Our network of approved contractors will be able to efficiently and safely install your building at the prepared site.

Want more information about what is involved in the first stage of the Smart Build System, and what makes it different from traditional building projects? Go back to our article about the design and consultation process, which is the first phase of our process, and see how you can save time and money.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about our network of approved contractors to assist in preparing your site for installation? Read our article on the connect phase of the system, and how we empower you to self-manage the on-site works and installation to get a building that is structured to work.

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