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Hay Sheds Structured To Work

Want to save money by keeping your harvest and feed out of the weather? Our flexible hay shed designs make feed storage a breeze. Whether you are planning a building that is fully enclosed, or partially enclosed, or has no walls at all, we have “got you covered”.

Limited Time Offer: 10% Cashback On Our Silver Series Hay Sheds

Looking for a high-quality, structural steel hay shed? To celebrate the launch of our new Silver Series of hay sheds, we’re offering 10% Cashback for a limited time!

These sheds are the same high-quality Aussie built, Aussie steel sheds as our custom sheds, and they’ve been designed based on years of experience building custom hay sheds. We have three base sizes, and you can add bays if you need something bigger.

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Customisable Design

Customisable Design

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Planning Approval Assistance

Planning Approval Assistance

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Hay Shed Options

Roof Ventilation

Hay is notorious for producing moisture. Reduce the chance of mould and corrosion to your property with proper air circulation. Our roof ventilation options are excellent at reducing the moisture in your hay shed.

Custom Bay Sizes

We can customise the bay spacing in your new shed to suit your hay bale dimensions. This ensures no space is wasted. Bay spacings of up to 9m are offered. Portal Spans from 12m up to 50m are all available.

Extra Large Openings

We can remove columns to allow easier access to feed and allow larger vehicles to access your building. We can help you create a shed to suit your business needs.

Custom Wall Configurations

How you set your shed up is completely up to you. Whether you need one open side, open ends or a fully open cover, we can design your hay shed to suit you.

Recent Rural Case Studies

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Talk To Our Team To Get A Hay Shed Thats Structured To Work

Whether you need a fully enclosed hay shed, or a cover with open sides, our expert team can ensure it is structured to work.

Before investing in a hay shed there are many options to consider. Our design consultants can help you through the process to ensure the end result is exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free design consultation.

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