Shed Colour Chart

Our range of colours comes from the Bluescope Colorbond® range. Colorbond® steel’s range of designer colours offers you a superior product with a modern look.

Please find below the current range of colours available. The colour names below are registered trademarks of BHP Steel Limited. 

Please note: we recommend that you check preferred colour options against actual samples of the product before you purchase as colours on-screen could vary slightly from the actual product.

Colour Chart


Classic Cream™

SA = 0.32. BCA = L


SA = 0.42. BCA = M

Pale Eucalypt®

SA = 0.60. BCA = M

Woodland Grey®

SA = 0.71. BCA = D

Deep Ocean®

SA = 0.75. BCA = D

Cottage Green®

SA = 0.75. BCA = D

Manor Red®

SA = 0.69. BCA = D

Night Sky®

SA = 0.96. BCA = D



SA = 0.32. BCA = L

Evening Haze®

SA = 0.43. BCA = M

Shale Grey™

SA = 0.43. BCA = M


SA = 0.47. BCA = M


SA = 0.54. BCA = M


SA = 0.58. BCA = M


SA = 0.63. BCA = D


SA = 0.64. BCA = D


SA = 0.64. BCA = D


SA = 0.68. BCA = D


SA = 0.69. BCA = D


SA = 0.74. BCA = D


SA = 0.69. BCA = D


SA = 0.73. BCA = D

SA = Solar Absorptance. The classification of colours in the BCA is based on solar absorptance, which is the inverse of solar reflectance, expressed as a ratio between 0 and 1. A SA value of 0 indicates that a roof absorbs none and a value of 1 indicates that a roof absorbs 100% of the incoming solar radiation. Solar absorptance value is not applicable for COLORBOND® Stainless steel. See the individual colour swatches for the SA value for each product and colour.

BCA = The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has classified roof colour on the basis of their solar absorptance, referred herein as Light (L < 0.40), Medium (M < 0.60), Dark (D > 0.60). See the individual colour swatches for the ratings available for each product and colour. BCA classification is correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change. Check your local state building regulations at the time of your project.

Considerations When Choosing Your Colours

  • Do you want Zinc or Colourbond?
  • What colour do you want your roof?
  • What colour do you want for the walls?
  • What colour will the barges and gutters be?
  • What colour will be used for the doors and windows?

Our Top 3 Colour Choosing Tips

  1. An economical solution is to have Zinc roof and Colourbond walls. This is a good solution if the roof of your building is not very visible.
  2. Some local councils are insisting that Colourbond cladding be included on new buildings — check with your council before making a final decision.
  3. Consider a contrasting colour for the trims and doors of your building as this is a great way to add character to your shed.
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