How To Build A Mezzanine Floor For A Large Shed

A mezzanine floor in your shed can add extra floor space without increasing the sheds footprint, but there are a few things to consider.

Looking to get some extra floor space? Are you wondering how to build a mezzanine floor in a shed? Below, we walk you through what you need to consider before you start, and our process of building a mezzanine floor.

Things To Consider Before You Start

To make the process either and to make sure your shed mezzanine is everything that you hoped for, there are some things you need to think about.

What Will You Use The Mezzanine Floor For?

Are you planning to use your new mezzanine floor for? Will it be for office space? Do you want to use it as extra storage?

Think about what you plan to use the floor for. This will help determine the best mezzanine floor plan and construction.

It will also determine whether you need to factor in extras such as hoists, pallet racking or an office fit-out.

How Much Weight Will It Need To Hold?

What load will your flooring need to hold? Weight loading of a mezzanine floor is measure in kilonewton per square metre (kN/m2). Depending on what you want to use the floor for will depend on what weight loadings you will need.

As a general rule of thumb, here is a general guide for weight loadings:

  • Office – 3.5kN/m2
  • Light Storage – 4.8 kN/m2
  • Medium Storage – 7.2 kN/m2
  • Heavy Storage – 9.6 kN/m2

By considering how much weight it will need to hold, you will have a good idea of the weight loading your floor will need.

Please note: The above figures are general guides only. Be sure to consult an expert before you build your mezzanine.

What Is Going Underneath Your Flooring?

Once you know what you will put on top of your floor, you will also need to consider what will go underneath it.

Will it have offices? Or will you need some extra space? Answering these questions will determine where and how many poles will be used to support the floor.

What Size Do You Want It To Be?

This stage is when you start brainstorming a floor plan. Consider the shape, width, length, and height of your mezzanine floor.

Consider what you will need to use it for, and what space is required to suit your needs.

What Handrails Will Be Needed?

Will the general public be able to access your mezzanine floor? Or are you building a floor in a private building, such as a factory or workshop?

Depending on what your mezzanine floor will be used for will determine what handrail standards you will have to adhere to.

You can find further details regarding handrail standards here.

Where Will The Staircase Be Positioned?

It is a requirement for all mezzanine floors to have a means of escape. This requirement means you will need to include stairs in the design of your mezzanine floor.

Consider that any stairs take up space and will need to be easily accessed. They need to be factored in when designing your floor space.

Different Shed Mezzanine Ideas & Benefits

Extra Storage

Need extra storage? Mezzanine floors are an excellent way to increase the storage space of your shed. If you are building a commercial shed and need more floor space, you can use a mezzanine floor to store small items on different floors. Storage racks can be used for heavier items.

Extra Space

Adding a mezzanine floor can increase the amount of usable floor space. It is a lot cheaper than having to move to bigger premises.

Office Underneath, Storage On Top.

Many clients include an office space underneath their mezzanine floor in the corner of their industrial sheds. The space above the office is often used as extra floor space or storage.

Aircraft Hangar Parts Storage

A number of our clients have included a mezzanine floor to use as a space to store spare aircraft parts within their hangar.

How We Build A Mezzanine Floor In A New Shed Design

If a client has requested a mezzanine in their new building, we will include it in the structure of the shed. It is often the cheaper and easier solution to include the flooring in the initial designs, rather than getting it retrofitted at a later date.

Firstly, we go through the above questions to determine what is needed in the mezzanine floor and shed design. We will work with our client to find out the best solution to their requirements.

We will then prepare a detailed proposal, clearly detailing what you will receive. Every structure we build is thoroughly inspected and gets an engineering certificate. (Which also helps for council approval).

When you are happy with your designs (which also include a 3D concept of your shed and mezzanine floor), we then start the shed’s construction.

When we start building the shed frame, we will include brackets for the mezzanine flooring in the construction of our upright beams.

The mezzanine floor will be built during the construction phase of your shed. When your shed is fully complete, your mezzanine floor will be included, ready for use straight away.

Thinking About A Mezzanine Floor For Your Shed?

A mezzanine floor can be a great addition when building a new warehouse, factory or farm shed.

It is essential you have a clear understanding of what you want, and what is needed to have your requirements fulfilled. Whether you choose to do it yourself or consult an expert, it is vital that your structure is built correctly, and built to last.

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