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Aircraft Hangars Structured To Work

Looking to build a new steel hangar? Techspan is a leading manufacturer of airplane hangars, aircraft maintenance buildings, air cargo facilities and storage warehouses. I’m sure you will agree with us when we say: Building the right aircraft hangar for your needs is a serious decision. Let us help.

Get An Aircraft Hangar That Is Structured To Work

We understand that building the right hangar for your needs is a big decision.

Get a free design consultation with our expert team to ensure your hangar will meet your needs, now and into the future.

We cater for a wide range of steel aviation buildings including:

  • Aeroplane Hangars
  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Air Cargo Facilities
  • Ground Support Buildings
  • Hangar Home
  • Equipment Storage
  • Baggage Storage
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Large Vehicle Storage

The TechSpan Difference

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About Us

TechSpan Building Systems is an established family business who has been building custom fabricated steel structures for over 20 years.…

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Our Customer Care Commitment

We pride ourself on taking care of our customers. We do everything we can to ensure your experience as a…

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Our Guarantee

We believe our sheds are so strong that we back them up with a 25-year Structural Warranty. And guess what?…

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Smart Build System

The TechSpan Smart Build System is structured to work from planning to completion. We work with you every step of…

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Protect Your Aircraft

Protect Your Aircraft

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Approvals Assistance

Approvals Assistance

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Hangar Designs To Suit Your Needs

Custom Designed

Our range of heavy duty hangar sheds are surprisingly adaptable. When you start with a pre-engineered standard frame design and adapt these to your requirements, it is sure to give you a strong, yet efficient outcome.

Superior Strength & Reliability

We ensure that our structural steel framed sheds are much stronger than lighter alternatives. Our sheds combine Sturdy UB columns, and Gal web trusses to provide a super strong frame. Don’t run the risk of something inferior just because it may appear cheaper.

Assist You With Building Approvals

We can assist with your council planning application by providing plans and certification and free advice.

Design & Certification

To give you assurance and peace-of-mind about the strength and security of your investment, we have all of our designs certified by a fully Independent Registered Structural Engineer.

No Size Restrictions

With clear span designs from 6 metres to 60 metres available, there are not many structures that we can’t build

Accredited Installers

Proper assembly and erection of your shed are vital to ensure a long and profitable lifespan. We can help you find local experienced and accredited tradespeople who can be trusted to do the job right.

Custom Aircraft Hangar Options

Large Hangar Doors

Large door openings are a critical part of an effective aviation hangar. TechSpan designs can achieve massive openings in both the gable and side walls. Whether you use sliding hangar doors or bifold doors, you can manoeuvre your plane without the risk of damage.

Multi-Tenancy Hangars

We find that a lot of clients want to join forces with their local aero club members or rent out additional space in their hangars. Our designs cater for this, by providing multiple openings and even internal dividing walls.

High Wind Ratings

Airfields are notoriously windy. Don’t worry; we take all that into consideration when engineering our hangar design and construction.

Quality Door Hardware

Large doors are no use if you cannot open them! We insist on using super strong door hardware to ensure many years of trouble free operation.


Insulation is often an area that is passed over in aircraft hangar design. By including insulation in your initial designs, you can reap the benefits for without all the headaches of installing it later on.

Window & Skylights

Want to take advantage of natural sunlight and brighten your hanger? Windows and skylights are a great addition to any workshop and reduce the cost of ever-rising electricity prices.

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Get An Aviation Building That Is Structured To Work

We understand that building the right hangar for your needs is a big decision.

Get a free design consultation with our expert team to ensure your hangar will meet your needs, now and into the future.

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