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Grain & Feed Sheds Structured To Work

Do you want to save money by keeping your harvest and feed properly stored? For a quick and easy solution for your feed cover, nothing beats a large storage grain shed. Our durable designs make storage a breeze.

A grain shed might cost you more than a silo upfront, but if you choose the right features, the versatility, ease of use, and practically unlimited size could make it worth it. If you are considering a grain shed the key is to find a shed design that is structured to work for you and has all the features you’ll need.

Being able to load and unload your grain quickly and easily is commonly the top reason to choose a shed over a silo. You can get grain into the shed quickly with a tipper, and unload it just as fast with a loader and bucket. If you prefer, you can also include a built-in auger system, or use it with a portable auger, just like you would with a silo. Don’t forget that these sheds are a great place to store your machinery during the off-season.

Get A Grain Shed That Is Structured To Work

Poor feed storage could be costing you money. Talk to our expert team to get a grain storage shed that is structured to work for you.

Our expert consultants can help you get a shed that meets all your needs.

Grain Shed Design Considerations

There are a few important things to consider when designing your grain shed:

  1. How much grain do you want to store?
    It’s important to ensure you will have enough bunker volume to store the maximum amount of grain you’ll need to store. 
  2. How are you going to load and unload the shed?
    You might consider including a built-in auger system, or using a portable auger. Or for fast loading prefer a shed configuration that will allow use of a tipper.
  3. Open fronted or enclosed and sealed?
    This will depend on how long you’re planning on storing the grain, your local conditions, and whether you need your storage to be vermin-proof.
  4. Bunker wall options:
    You can consider whether you need concrete, steel clad or canvas bunker walls. 
  5. Site location, access, levels and drainage.
  6. Floor Options
    Consider whether you need concrete floor or dirt floor with ground tarps to maintain grain quality.
Quality Construction

Quality Construction

Vermin Proofing

Vermin Proofing

Designed To Suit Your Needs

Designed To Suit Your Needs

Expert Advice & Support

Expert Advice & Support

Grain Shed Options

Auger Inlets & Outlets

Unloading and loading should be simple to operate and permit ample auger access. Our in built inlets and outlets make it easier to use your auger to manage your feed.


Natural ventilation is important to help prevent mildew and contamination while your produce is being stored. We have ventilation solutions to provide the right atmosphere.

Increased Storage

We can increase storage capacity by using retaining walls, reinforced steel external walls, or internal dividing walls.

Off Season Storage

Don’t forget that these sheds are a great place to store your machinery during the off season.

Vermin Proofing

Don’t risk contamination. Keep out rodents and birds with our unique PEST-GUARD rodent proofing system.

Wall Cladding Options





(Can be retrofitted into existing sheds.)

Adaptable Designs

We understand your needs are unique to your needs and location. Our grain shed designs are fully flexible. We can vary the size, style, and the accessories to suit your requirements and location of your farm.

Quality Construction

A quality covered area is something every farmer needs. These days it is not about just sticking something up to keep the rain off but constructing a structure that will last.

Assist You With Building Approvals

We can assist with your council planning application by providing plans and certification and free advice.

Design & Certification

To give you assurance and peace-of-mind about the strength and security of your investment, we have all of our designs certified by a fully Independent Registered Structural Engineer.

No Size Restrictions

With clear span designs from 6 metres to 60 metres available, there are not many structures that we can’t build


TechSpan is experienced in designing all bulk produce buildings from grain storage to fruits and vegetables. We can customise our designs to create the right facility for storing your produce.

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Get A Grain Shed That Is Structured To Work

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