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High Quality Custom Designed Steel Sheds Structured To Work

TechSpan are your trusted experts when it comes to designing and constructing top-quality, large steel buildings for agribusiness, industrial, and rural applications. Our friendly team is here to create a custom shed that fits your needs perfectly. We’ll support you at every stage of the project, from start to finish, ensuring that your shed is tailored just for you.

We specialise in building spacious custom steel sheds 12 metres wide or larger. Whether you require a custom shed for your rural property, an industrial site, or a commercial building, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts will design and manufacture your large structural steel building.

Our friendly design consultants are here to assist you in making the right choices. They’ll guide you through all the options and work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect custom shed that meets your specific requirements.

Why Choose A TechSpan Custom Shed?

While standard, pre-designed sheds work for a lot of people, sometimes, a business needs something a bit more specific. A structural steel shed is a large investment, so it is worth taking the time to consider what your shed needs to have in order to make your job easier. 

If you have particular machinery or equipment that needs to be housed in your shed, is it going to be easy to get in and out? Maybe you need specialised loading and unloading areas with high-clearance for tipper trucksan integrated system of sheds positioned to make your work more efficient, or a single multi-purpose shed designed to meet all your needs.

Taking the time to plan, consider your options, and ensure you’re getting a custom shed that is structured to work for you is an important first step.

With more than 20 years experience, we have been developing an ever-strengthening reputation for quality structural steel building solutions. We pride ourselves on the team we have built; experts in their field and dedicated to working together and with our customers to achieve nothing less than excellence.

The culmination of our experience, carefully crafted processes, our highly skilled team of experts and detailed attention at every stage of our TechSpan Smart Build System means; we are here to deliver our promise of making sheds simple and structured to work.


Custom Shed Options

Custom Size

In many ways this is the single most important decision in your project. It is a juggling act managing space requirements, budgets and sometimes site restrictions. It is important to consider for future expansion in this area as there is nothing more frustrating than having your hard earned expansion stilled by lack of space.

Custom Roofline

Most TechSpan buildings are constructed with a gable roof. This design is simple and functional making it suitable for most applications, but you may also want to consider a skillion roof or curved roof for your custom shed.

Custom Height

Have you considered your current and long term requirements in this area? Maybe you have been planning for some larger machinery or some higher pallet racking. Extra height is not as expensive as you might think.

Custom Bay Spacing

The Bay spacing refers to the spacing of the portal rafters lengthways down the building. Our normal bay spacings range between 6 – 8 Meters. We can accommodate spacing both smaller and larger than this to suit individual requirements.

Custom Mezzanine Floors

Including a mezzanine floor in your new project design is a cost effective way of increasing the floor area of your building without increasing its footprint. TechSpan can accommodate all your requirements in the area including stairs and balustrading.

Removed Columns

TechSpan engineers can arrange for a column to be removed from an opening in your building. The weight is transferred to those adjacent by a lateral truss. This is great for situations where you might have large or awkward shaped machinery to get under cover, such as combine harvesters.

Custom Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors are the most versatile and cost effective door option, having virtually limitless configurations. From a standard opening, to a whole sliding wall. Large doors are no use if you cannot open them! We insist on over-engineering our door hardware to ensure many years of trouble free operation.

Custom Cladding

While the majority of sheds are clad with high tensile roll formed cladding, either Zincallume or Colorbond, there are other cladding options to consider. You may need fire-rated cladding, precast concrete, insulated structural panels, or more architectural cladding options to enhance the design of your shed.

Custom Extensions

If you already have an existing building, it may be an option to create a new extension as your business grows, rather than adding an entirely separate structure. Our design consultants can work with you to create a custom extension that joins to your existing shed and is structured to work for your needs.

More Customisation Options

To view more of our customisation options and some things to consider when planning your custom designed shed, view our full list of shed options.

Recent Custom Shed Case Studies

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Custom Designed Multi-Use Farm Shed In Cooplacurripa, NSW.

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Custom Designed Nursery Planting Shed in Southbrook, Qld

Industrial | Horticulture Facility

TechSpan partnered with Newlands Group to design, manufacture and build a large 25 x 120m custom building to house automated planting equipment for Boomaroo Nurseries in Southbrook, Queensland. The Brief… Read The Full Case Study

Is A Custom Designed Shed More Expensive?

While sticking with a standard shed design and size might save you some of the initial cost, our streamlined design and engineering process means that many of our customisations can be added to your ‘base’ shed design at very little extra cost.

The other important consideration, though, is the ongoing cost and efficiency savings a custom shed may be able to provide for your business. For example, Elders Killara partnered with Techspan to build custom designed commodity storage and batching sheds to streamline their day to day operations. While the initial outlay was higher than a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ shed might have been, they have calculated the increased efficiency will save them more than half a million dollars per year, meaning the custom sheds essentially pay for themselves. 

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They’ll walk you through some of the options to customise your new shed to ensure you’re investing in the best solution for your business. Request a free design consultation to get started, or give our team a call on 1800 350 450 to discuss your custom shed needs.

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