Case Study

Custom Designed Feedlot Sheds in Quirindi, NSW.

TechSpan partnered with Elders to design and manufacture a commodity shed, batching shed and workshop shed for Elders Killara Feedlot near Quirindi, New South Wales.

The Brief

Elders Killara feedlot located in Quirindi NSW is one of the leading Australian feedlots. They supply Woolworths, Coles and a number of specialised Angus and Wagyu beef providers from NSW and beyond. The facility feeds 20,000 head of cattle using over 300 tonnes of feed per day. Elders Killara partnered with Techspan to build a commodity storage shed and purpose-built batching shed to streamline their day to day operations. They have calculated the increased efficiency will save them a substantial amount each year.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

6 Weeks

Site Erection Time:

12 Weeks


Feedlot Sheds


Elders Killara Feedlot


Quirindi NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

Commodity Shed
27m (W) x 72m (L) x 13.5m (H)

Batching Shed
35m (W) x 37m (L) x 13.5m (H)

Workshop Shed
15m (W) x 15m (L) x 6.0m (H)


  • Steel
  • Precast Concrete


  • Structural Steel construction
  • Purpose Built To Improve Efficiency
  • All three buildings included in one contract

Our Innovative Solution

Commodity Shed

To suit the site, the commodity shed needed to be built on a very sloping site. This required a 3.2m retaining wall at the rear of the shed, which also doubles as a grain retaining wall.

As the facility uses large quantities of feed, efficiency in unloading the feed was key. In order to be able to accommodate a full size tipper delivering cotton seed, the structure has 12m clearance under the roof.

Protection from the prevailing weather conditions coming from the southwest, was important to protect the seed, while there also needed to be sufficient ventilation to avoid spontaneous combustion of the stored feed.

The resulting design is a shed that can store up to 5000 tonnes of cotton seed, without slowing down the unloading of feed.

Batching Shed

The custom batching shed was designed to facilitate the efficient batching of the animal ration, and also has a 12m height clearance to allow tippers to unload inside the shed. 

The design also needed to ensure that loaders could easily access the bunker bays and load efficiently. 

The resulting design incorporates wide side openings for fast loading and unloading of feed, and good cross ventilation to keep dust levels inside the shed to a minimum during operation.

Workshop Shed

To allow for better onsite servicing and maintenance of the feed trucks, we worked with Elders Killara Feedlot to custom design a purpose-built workshop with adequate space for the feed trucks, storage areas for oil, grease and other consumables, and weather protection over the doors so that operations can continue in wet weather conditions.

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