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School COLAs, Gyms & Playground Covers Structured To Work

Do you want to transform your schoolyard into a functional outdoor environment? We can protect your students from both the rain and harmful UV rays with our range of school COLA, playground and court cover, and gymnasium designs. At Techspan, we can provide quality covered outdoor learning areas and other school buildings, designed to suit your school’s needs and the Department of Education’s specific requirements.

Want A School COLA or gymnasium that is Structured To Work?

Our expert team of design consultants can help you get a covered outdoor learning area, school gymnasium, court cover or playground cover designed for your school’s needs.

No matter how large or small your schools project, TechSpan can help you get a steel building that is structured to work.

NSW Department of Education Requirements

The NSW Department of Education has specific design guidelines for COLAs and other school buildings. Our experience in this allows us to advise on these requirements during the consultation phase of the project to help ensure that there are no delays. While the requirements below are specific to the NSW Department of education, the requirements of other state and territory education departments are similar.

Bird Proofing

The Department of Education requires that outdoor, open structures are bird-proof for the health and safety of students. TechSpan’s school COLA & playground and court cover designs use flashings, spikes and netting to ensure there are no perch points.

Downpipe Protection

All school buildings are required to incorporate vandal-proof, galvanised downpipe shrouds on all downpipes. TechSpan incorporates downpipe shrouds into all school building designs.

Designed To Suit The Site

School COLAs, gyms, and playground covers commonly need to be custom designed and built to suit the site and any slopes, pavement or existing infrastructure. TechSpan’s fully customisable designs can be modified to suit these requirements.

Acoustic Lining & Insulation

To reduce echoes and amplification of noise, most covered outdoor learning areas will require an acoustic ceiling lining. The expert team at TechSpan can advise on the most suitable insulation and lining for your structure.

No Obstructions

For safety reasons, sidewalls of school gymnasiums, court covers, playground covers and COLAs cannot have cross-bracing as it creates obstructions. TechSpan’s structural steel buildings can be customised to meet this requirement.

Installation Restrictions

The NSW Department of education often requires that site works and install be completed during school holiday periods to minimise disruption and risk of injury to staff and students. TechSpan’s in-house manufacturing, strict Smart Point quality control checklist, and roof lift system make it possible to erect the structure in this tight timeframe.

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Safe For Schools

Safe For Schools

Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

School COLAs & Gyms To Suit Your Needs

Adaptable Designs

Our range of heavy-duty building designs are surprisingly adaptable. When you start with a pre-engineered standard frame design and adapt these to your requirements, it is sure to give you a strong, yet efficient outcome.

Superior Strength & Reliability

We ensure that our structural steel framed buildings are much stronger than lighter alternatives. Our sheds combine Sturdy UB columns, and Gal web trusses to provide a super-strong frame. Don’t run the risk of something inferior just because it may appear cheaper.

Design & Certification

To give you assurance and peace-of-mind about the strength and security of your investment, we have all of our designs certified by a fully Independent Registered Structural Engineer.

No Size Restrictions

With clear span designs from 6 metres to 60 metres available, there are not many structures that we can’t build. Whether you need a cover for a full-size basketball court, or a small covered area in a playground, we’ll work with you to create a design that suits.

Accredited Installers

Proper assembly and erection of your building are vital to ensure a long and profitable lifespan. We will help you find local, experienced and accredited tradespeople who can be trusted to do the job right, and with minimal disruption to your school.

Custom Outdoor Covered Area Designs

Curved Roof

If you are looking for a design that is truly stunning, consider a curved roof. It will set you apart from the rest!

Weather Protection

Increase your protection from all weather conditions by including a couple of side walls or perhaps just a gable infill or side skirts.

Smooth Posts

We can construct the columns for Pipe or RHS to create a smooth look. This will also reduce the potentially dangerous edges on the I-Beam columns.

School Compliant Design

We work with you to create a cover to suit your needs whilst still remain compliant to the Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines.


Hot Dip Galvanize your Structure for added Corrosion protection and it will enhance the look as well.

Recent School Building Case Studies

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Want A School COLA or gymnasium that is Structured To Work?

Our expert team of design consultants can help you get a covered outdoor learning area, school gymnasium, court cover or playground cover designed for your school’s needs.

No matter how large or small your schools project, TechSpan can help you get a steel building that is structured to work.

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