Rural Sheds Structured To Work

Looking for a new steel farm shed? We understand that your rural building is very important to you. The planning is not something to be rushed! Our years of building large farm sheds will help you find the best solution to your unique challenges.

Printable Design Planning Worksheet

Are you ready to start planning your next project? Do you need some assistance making all the decisions that come with designing a new structural steel building?

This worksheet will guide you through some of the considerations you should think about before your design consultation. The best way to approach a new steel building and reduce your shed cost is by getting a clear picture of the end result.

Printable Design Planning Worksheet

Rural Sheds Structured To Work

Adaptable Designs

Our ranges of rural shed designs are surprisingly adaptable. While we have a number of standard designs, we can personalise your shed’s design and adapt it to your needs.

Superior Strength & Reliability

Our sheds combine Galvanised web trusses and sturdy UB columns to ensure a super strong frame. Our steel farm sheds for sale are much stronger than the lighter alternatives.

No Size Restrictions

Our clear span designs range from 6 metres to 60 metres and beyond! With this range, there are not many rural structures we can’t build.

Assistance With Building Approvals

Currently putting together your council planning application? We can help you by providing certification, plans and free advice.

Design & Certification

All of our farm shed designs are certified by a fully Independent Registered Structural Engineer. You can be at ease knowing your investment will stand the test of time.

Accredited Installers

We might make great storage sheds, but their proper assembly and erection are vital to ensure the longevity and strength of your investment. We can help you find a local experienced tradesperson who can be trusted to do the job right.

Shed Options

Bay Spacing

Bay Spacing

The Bay spacing refers to the spacing of the portal rafters lengthways down the building. Our normal bay spacings range between 6 – 8 Meters.

We can accommodate spacing both smaller and larger than this to suit individual requirements.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Roller doors are a very tidy door option looking great in all applications. These are really handy for small openings. For larger openings (5.0m+) it begins to become an expensive alternative.



The majority of TechSpan buildings are clad with high tensile roll formed cladding. The two main options are Zincallume or Colourbond finish.

Zincallume is the most cost effective while Colourbond gives you the opportunity to personalise your building. Gutters and downpipes offer further room for creativity in this area.

Many past projects have blended the two by using Colourbond cladding on the walls and Zincallume cladding for the roof. TechSpan use double zinc coated cladding for even our Colourbond has a layer of zinc under the color for superior corrosion protection.

Open Sides

Open Sides

Open sides on buildings are a useful option for allowing easy access to your covered area. Depending on your situation you may like to have one end or one side open — possibly even no walls at all.

Internal walls can be constructed should you need “half and half”. TechSpan designs are all fully flexible and can cater for the combination that best suits you

Removed Columns

Removed Columns

TechSpan engineers can arrange for a column to be removed from an opening in your building. The weight is transferred to those adjacent by a lateral truss.

This is great for situations where you might have large or awkward shaped machinery to get under cover, such as combine harvesters.



Windows add both light and ventilation to your building. They also improve the atmosphere in any room or office by providing a refreshing view outside.

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We understand that your rural building is very important to you. The planning is not something to be rushed! Get started today with a free design consultation.

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