Silver Series Hay Sheds

High-Quality Structural Steel Hay Sheds.
Available in Only 4-6 Weeks!

Unbeatable Lead Time

Lead Time

Full Structural TechSpan Quality

Full Structural TechSpan Quality

Aussie Steel, Aussie Made

Aussie Steel,
Aussie Made

Unrivalled Pricing


About The Silver Series

Techspan, by hard work and commitment, have built a brand of sheds well known for their quality and integrity. Hay sheds have been our bread and butter during our 20+ years of building structural steel sheds forming the backbone of our business.

As the preferred supplier for some of Australia’s largest hay producers, and with a network of 1000+ farmers throughout the country, your peace of mind is our priority. We understand that with reputation comes expectation, an expectation we meet every single time. Needless to say, Techspan knows what works and what doesn’t, where to cut costs and where not too.

Silver Series Hay Sheds

18m Silver Series

  • SPAN (DEPTH) – 18m (15 Bales deep)
  • LENGTH – 24m – 3 bays @ 8m
    (3 off 8’ bales wide per bay)
  • EAVE HEIGHT – 6.0m (5/6 Bales High)
  • Square Bales: (8’x4’x3’) @ 6 High – 810
  • Square Bales: (8’x4’x4’) @ 5 high – 675
  • Standard Round Bales: (4’ x 4’) @5 High – 1350
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x3’) @ 6 High – 270
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x4’) @ 5 high – 225
  • Standard Round Bales (4’ x 4’) @5 High – 450

21m Silver Series

  • SPAN (DEPTH) – 21m (17 Bales deep)
  • LENGTH – 24m – 3 bays @ 8m (3 off 8’ bales wide per bay)
  • EAVE HEIGHT – 6.0m (5/6 Bales High)
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x3’) @ 6 High – 918
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x4’) @ 5 high – 765
  • Standard Round Bales (4’ x 4’) @5 High – 1530
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x3’) @ 6 High – 306
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x4’) @ 5 high – 255
  • Standard Round Bales (4’ x 4’) @5 High – 510

24m Silver Series

  • SPAN (DEPTH) – 24m (20 Bales deep)
  • LENGTH – 24m – 3 bays @ 8m (3 off 8’ bales wide per bay)
  • EAVE HEIGHT – 6.75m (6/7 Bales High )
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x3’) @ 7 High – 1260
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x4’) @ 6 high – 1080
  • Standard Round Bales (4’ x 4’) @6 High – 2160
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x3’) @ 7 High – 420
  • Square Bales (8’x4’x4’) @ 6 high – 360
  • Standard Round Bales (4’ x 4’) @6 High – 720


All our Silver Series Hay Sheds include the following as standard:

  • Painted Columns
  • Pre-Galvanised Trusses
  • 3 x Walls enclosed (open to east)*
  • Zinc Cladding
  • Site-Specific engineering (Wind Region A, TC 2.5)**
  • Australian Steel & Manufacturing

*,** Additional Engineering upgrades may apply depending on site location.

The following options are also available at an extra cost:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Box gutters
  • Colourbond Cladding
  • Hot-Dip Galv Columns
  • Additional Doorways & Openings

Looking For Something More Customisable?

Our design consultants can help you get a hay shed, customised to suit your needs.

Unbeatable Lead-Times On Full Quality Structural Steel Hay Sheds.

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Get unbeatable lead times and unbeatable quality with a new TechSpan Silver Series hay shed.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your hay storage needs, the silver series is the same great TechSpan quality structural steel as our custom sheds, but available in cost-effective, pre-engineered configurations.

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Have you considered a government subsidy?

Government subsidies are easier than you think! Take advantage of these subsidies to get the hay shed you need now.

  • $50,000 interest free loans
  • $1,000,000 low interest loans
  • Instant tax write off
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