Case Study

Multi-Tenancy Commercial Building in Toowoomba, Qld

The client required a large, well-designed, but cost-effective building for a multi-tenancy commercial development in Toowoomba, Queensland. We consulted closely with our client to ensure the final design met all their needs & requirements and the result was a commercial building structured to work that demonstrates our ability to combine architectural excellence with efficient design.

The Brief

The customer needed a large structure, 21m x 130m, suitable for multiple commercial premises with separate tenancies. The structure needed to be placed close to the boundary to make the most of the available land and account for the slope of the site. The building also needed to incorporate an office block, and be cost-effective to provide a good return for the client. The design & construction also needed to comply with all local regulations for commercial premises.

As this was a commercial property designed to house multiple tenants, it was important to the client that costs were kept down, and the process was as fast as possible so the client could start seeing a return on their investment.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

6 Weeks

Site Erection Time:

4 Weeks


Commercial Building


Deeth Investments


Toowoomba, QLD

Project Features

Size & Structure

21(W) x 130(L) x 8(H)
Portal Frame


  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Architectural Cladding


  • Cantilever awnings over entries
  • Full-length ridge vent
  • 5 Tonne overhead crane

Our Innovative Solution

Our innovative system allowed us to create a cost-effective design for these commercial premises. The building features an attractive office block at the front of the site, and cantilever awnings over the tenant’s entrances to provide extra weather protection. The design also included provisions for internal walls to separate the tenancies and uses 2.4m Concrete Dado wall panels for security and longevity.

To make the most of the available space for this development, the design included a fire-rated precast concrete rear wall abutting the property boundary, and a three-step split-level floor to accommodate the sloping site. 

The large building also features a full-length ridge vent to assist with temperature control within the building and the capacity for a 5 Tonne overhead crane.

Our client self-managed the complex build with our assistance. It’s Techspan’s Smartbuild System that makes this possible, enabling us to connect the client with the right consultants and contractors to get the job done smoothly and quickly. Our innovative solutions helped get the building finished, and tenants in sooner which accelerated the clients return on investment.

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