Case Study

Integrated Farm Storage System in Ebor, NSW

When Wright Pastoral purchased a new property in Ebor, NSW, they contacted TechSpan to design and manufacture a fully integrated farm storage system including a hay shed, a machinery shed, and a stockyard cover. The three sheds are structured to work together to provide efficient farm management.

The Brief

Looking to improve a recently purchased property in Ebor, NSW, Wright Pastoral contacted TechSpan to design and manufacture a system of farm sheds to improve the property value and provide more efficient farm management. Rather than design and construct each shed as a separate entity, the client worked with us to create an integrated system including a machinery shed, a fodder storage shed and a roof cover over the client’s cattle yards.


Manufacture Time:

4 Weeks

Site Erection Time:

3 weeks


Hay Shed, Machinery Shed and Stockyard cover


Wright Pastoral


Ebor, NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

3 sheds, each 15 (W) x 30 (L) x 5 (H)
Portal Frame


  • Structural Steel
  • Zinc Cladding


  • Integrated design layout for efficient farm management
  • Removed column for improved access
  • Value-add for the property

Our Innovative Solution

Rather than just designing 3 separate farm sheds, TechSpan worked with the client and used our expertise to create an efficient layout for the position on-site of each of the three sheds. The position of each structure was considered to ensure maximum usability and efficiency. By considering the location of each shed, and how the client planned to use the buildings, a complete farm storage system was developed.

The hay shed features a removed column to improve access and make loading and unloading easier and the livestock cover over the cattle yards reduces animal stress and enables yard work to continue year-round even in unfavourable weather conditions.

The location of the three new sheds in a high-profile position on the site and the cohesive appearance of the three structures is also a great value add for the property.

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