21m (w) x 40m (l) x 10.5m (h) Heavy Manufacturing Facility, Rutherford NSW

Remanufacturing mining equipment is not only space intensive but also requires the safe and efficient handling of large and heavy materials. Royal Equipment required more space to support their growing business, they called Techspan to deliver the design, engineering and manufacture of this purpose built heavy machinery manufacturing facility.

The Brief

Royal Equipment is dedicated to remanufacturing various mining equipment and components. This industry is extremely space intensive and also requires the safe and efficient handling of large and heavy materials. Due to the growth of their business, they needed a new, purpose built heavy manufacturing facility that provided the height needed for their various projects, support for a 20 tonne gantry crane and significant sized openings (both height and width) to enable maximum accessibility for component/product ingress, egress and loading.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

3 Days

Site Erection Time:

20 Days


Heavy Manufacturing Facility


Royal Equipment


Rutherford NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

21 m (W) x 40 m (L) x 10.5m (H)


  • Structural Steel Frame
  • Colourbond cladding


  • 20 Tonne Overhead Gantry Crane
  • Large Steel Roller-Shutter Doors to facilitate large equipment access
  • 10m awning with removed columns for maximise accessibility to the additional all-weather work and storage area
  • 13m wide bays to enable large equipment accessibility
  • Blanket Insulation to manage internal temperatures

Our Innovative Solution

After reaching out to Techspan and stepping through our free design consultation, design and engineering and custom manufacturing stages, the result of this project was a 20m wide x 40m long and 10.5m high structural steel building with colourbond external cladding and HUGE steel roller-shutter doors to the front, rear and one side of the building.

Maximum accessibility was achieved through the 13m wide bays, 20m truss span with no centre columns and a 10m side awning also with some columns removed. This structure maximises materials, components and machinery accessibility and highly accessible storage and work areas.

Blanket insulation was installed to manage internal temperatures and structural support and rail included for the 20 tonne gantry crane.

From design approval, this steel structure, cladded external walls and steel roller doors was manufactured in just 3 days, delivered to site and installed in just 20 days.

Techspan were extremely proud to support Royal Equipment to achieve their desired facility and enable their business to grow.

Manufactured to Australian standards. Designed for purpose. Engineered to perform.

Proof of yet another Techspan project ‘Structured to Work’.

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