Case Study

Custom Designed Multi-Use Farm Shed In Cooplacurripa, NSW.

TechSpan worked directly with Strike-A-Light Station to design and manufacture a multipurpose farm shed. The shed had to be suitable for use as offices, machinery and equipment storage,  workshop space and generator enclosure.

The Brief

Farming in a remote location means your tools need to be able to do their job properly, and farm sheds are no exception. Our client needed a large shed that would fulfil several use requirements, delivered on time and within budget to a remote location for erection.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

3 Weeks

Site Erection Time:

3 Weeks


Farm Shed


Strike-A-Light Station


Cells River, Cooplacurripa NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

18m (W) x 42m (L)
Portal Fram


  • Structural Steel


  • Structural Steel construction
  • Multi-Use Requirements

Our Innovative Solution

Strike-A-Light Station needed a shed that would fulfil several requirements. TechSpan’s innovative design included a mixture of open and closed bays to provide segregated areas for each use, and incorporated a mezzanine floor over the offices for additional storage in the workshop area. To shield the office windows from weather, the design also included an awning.

The open bays of the shed are used for machinery storage and there is an enclosed, ventilated bay for the generator.

The design of the shed also allowed for delivering on small trucks as the only access to the remote location in the Cells River Gorge was via 25kms of winding mountain track.

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