Case Study

Custom Designed Nursery Planting Shed in Southbrook, Qld

TechSpan partnered with Newlands Group to design, manufacture and build a large 25 x 120m custom building to house automated planting equipment for Boomaroo Nurseries in Southbrook, Queensland.

The Brief

The client required a large custom facility to house automated planting equipment used to produce millions of vegetable seedlings each year for farms in the Lockyer valley. Working with Newlands Group to complete the build, TechSpan insured the client received a facility that is structured to work.


Manufacture Time:

5 Weeks

Site Erection Time:

4 weeks


Horticulture Facility


Newlands Group


Southbrook QLD

Project Features

Size & Structure

25 (W) x 120 (L) x 8 (H)
Portal Frame


  • Structural Steel


  • Unbeatable Leadtime
  • Cantilever awning for added weather protection
  • Pump sheds and outbuildings all included in one contract

Our Innovative Solution

The design and construction of this facility were completed in a short timeframe, with 5 weeks from the placement of the order by the customer to the delivery of the kit on site. TechSpan’s Smart Build System allows us to manufacture your shed kit faster than other companies, without compromising on construction quality or features.

The facility was constructed using a full structural steel frame, and cladding. Structural steel is usually a lot thicker and stronger than lower-cost purlin sheds, which makes it ideal for situations where there is machinery and equipment moving around within the structure. If someone accidentally bumps into a column, the extra strength and durability of structural steel means it will be less likely to bend. Find out more about the difference between purlin and structural steel here.

On the exterior of the facility, TechSpan incorporated a large cantilever awning for added weather protection.This project also included multiple smaller structures for pumphouses and other outbuildings within a single contract, and all structured to work for the full site.

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