Case Study

Bird-Proof & School-Safe Covered Outdoor Learning Area

Our Customer, a school in Plumpton, NSW, needed a large cover for a double basketball court. Working closely with our client we consulted them to ensure the final structure would suit all there needs. The result is a high-quality COLA, that stays within the Department of Education’s building standards and looks great.

The Brief

The customer needed a large covered outdoor learning area for a double basketball court. This area would serve multiple purposes. It would need to be suitable for use as protection from the sun, and the rain, and be safe for the children playing underneath.

It was very important that the structure was bird proof, rust resistant and safe for the children with nothing to climb or injure themselves on.

The design and construction of the school COLA also had to adhere to the Department Of Education’s strict school building standards, which TechSpan is quite familiar with. The client also wanted something that stood out visually from similar school COLAs — a curved roof.

Project Features

Size & Structure

35m (W) x 35m (L) x 6m (H)


  • Hot dip galvanised columns.
  • Perforated custom-orb ceiling lining.
  • Colorbond Custom-Orb (Corro) Cladding
  • Bird proofing


  • Bird proofing
  • 3.0m downpipe shrouds to the Department Of Education’s specifications.
  • Curved roof.

Our Innovative Solution

We worked with the client to design the COLA with a curved roof. This design was then approved by an independent Registered Structural Engineer. This part of our standard design process ensures that all our sheds are safe, strong and adhere to all the relevant requirements.

To bird proof the covered outdoor learning area, we included sheets of colour board on the truss webbing across the full width of each curved truss. This eliminated any potential roosting points, keeping birds out of the shelter. The columns were designed in a way to make climbing them very difficult ensuring the safety of the children.

The end result is a high-quality, rust-resistant cover that will enhance the students’ experiences at school and ensure they have a safe and comfortable outdoor area in all weather.

Need a COLA that’s structured to work?

With years of experience designing and manufacturing COLAs for schools in New South Wales and Queensland, we are able to help you navigate the Department of Education’s requirements, your needs, and get a covered outdoor learning area that is Structured to Work.

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