35m x 128m Warehouse and Feed Processing Facility, Oakey QLD

Working with R&F Steel Buildings, Techspan supported the design and manufacture of this state of the art warehouse and feed processing facility in record time.

The Brief

R&F Steel Buildings needed help with the design and manufacture of a large custom industrial building and they needed it fast. Techspan were able to come up with the goods and deliver this state of the art facility within the challenging deadline.

This enormous 35m x 128m structural steel and roll-form portal frame shed with awnings was delivered within 8 weeks, including just 2 weeks of manufacture and 6 weeks site erection. (not including the design and engineering phase).

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

2 weeks

Site Erection Time:

6 Weeks


Warehouse and Feed Processing


R&F Steel Buildings


Oakley QLD

Project Features

Size & Structure

35 m (W) x 128 m (L) x 7.5m (H)


  • Structural Steel
  • Roll-form steel


  • 14m high roof ‘pop up’ section to incorporate stockfeed processing equipment
  • Large 22m opening with custom sliding doors to maximise accessibility to loading bay
  • Large clearspan awning over loading bay to facilitate all weather goods inward and outward
  • Multiple cladding colours for aesthetic appeal and to meet council/NCC articulation requirements

Our Innovative Solution

Techspan manufactured this 35m x 128m solution within 2 weeks to ensure that our client could deliver this project to their client, Riverina Stockfeed, in a timely manner.

The ‘pop up’ roof section was achieved through the use of fabricated webbed trusses and additional bracing to deliver a cost effective solution to incorporating stockfeed processing equipment.

Large 22m wide multi-track bottom roll custom doors were manufactured to allow for maximum accessibility to the facility while also ensuring a low maintenance and user friendly door solution.

The large clearspan awning was engineered to provide maximum all weather coverage for goods inward and outward

Including varied wall cladding colours provided a cost effective architectural appeal/design aesthetic while also meeting the local council and NCC articulation requirements for this project.

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