31m (w) x 110m (l) Feedpad Cover, Nowra NSW

Milkhaven Dairy in Nowra NSW sought to maximise cattle comfort and milk production. The vision was to achieve a large sheltered area that would provide shade, maximum airflow, keep the cattle and feed dry and support efficient cattle flow for key feed cycles.
Techspan was engaged to tailor the design, engineering and manufacturing of a large feed pad cover.

The Brief

Permanent shade structures over feed pads provide a range of benefits for dairy farmers, one of which is to reduce the impact of heat stress. The combination of high temperatures, high humidity, high levels of solar radiation and minimal air movement can affect an animals ability to dissipate body heat. Not only can this significantly impact animal welfare but it can also affect the production.

With a significant number of head on the property at Milkhaven, the owners were seeking to achieve a feedpad cover with the upmost structural integrity that catered to the existing pad fall, provided maximum floorspace, shade and airflow.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

3 Days

Site Erection Time:

3 Weeks


Feedpad Cover


Milkhaven Dairy


Nowra NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

31 m (W) x 110 m (L)


  • Structural Steel Frame
  • Colourbond Roofing
  • Translucent Sheeting For Maximum Natural Light


  • Graduated fall from one end to another – following the fall of existing feedpad
  • 1200mm open ridge in cover roof to maximise airflow and heat extraction from under the roof
  • Use of corrosion resistant materials and surface treatment

Our Innovative Solution

Drawing on over 25 years experience in the Agribusiness sector, the team at Techspan tailored the design, engineering and manufacture to this 31m wide x 110m long cover to suit the exact needs of their client.

To maximise airflow and dissipate heat from under the cover a 1200mm open ridge was incorporated into the design.

The new cover was not only orientated to maximise the shade and airflow throughout the year but was also positioned to work with the existing infrastructure – providing efficiency in the dairy operational processes.

Following client approval of the design and materials procurement, this project was manufactured in Techspan’s purpose built facility in just 3 days, delivered to site and installed in 3 weeks.

Techspan were extremely proud to support Milkhaven to achieve a positive outcome for their dairy and even more proud to hear the positive feedback that Milkhaven were extremely happy wit the building; “it looks great, works really well and the cows love it”.

Manufactured to Australian standards. Designed for purpose. Engineered to perform.

Proof of yet another Techspan project ‘Structured to Work’.

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