20m x 60m Aircraft Storage and Maintenance Facility in Armidale, NSW

With quite an impressive array of aircraft, the team at Fleet Helicopters in Armidale NSW entrusted Techspan to design and manufacture their new custom, purpose-built, aircraft storage and maintenance facility.

The Brief

The facility needed to provide a large and unobstructed workspace to support the storage and maintenance of multiple aircraft. A key functional requirement included optimised accessibility to enable Fleet Helicopters to to easily move the aircraft in and out of the shed. Large width and height accessibility was enabled through the use of custom sliding doors including sunken door tracking to ensure minimal obstruction. This facility was designed to compliment the existing office building and provide easy access. Sitting big and proud in Armidale airport, the facility provided front and side access to landing pad and runway.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

4 Days

Site Erection Time:

3-4 Weeks


Multiple Aircraft Storage and Maintenance


Fleet Helicopters


Armidale NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

20 m (W) x 60 m (L) x 7.5m (H)


  • Structural Steel
  • Colorbond Cladding
  • Precast Concrete
  • FC Board


  • Precast concrete fire seperation walls and fire rated doors between new and existing building
  • 20.0×7.5m Full width, full height door opening on Hangar front. Heavy duty bottom roll multi-track Stacking door system with brush seals
  • Removed column to allow for a 15.0w x 6.0h Door opening in side wall
  • Bird netting to underside of roof frame to prevent bird nesting and roosting.

Our Innovative Solution

Techspan worked closely with Fleet Helicopters to provide the best solution for their needs including:
> 20m clear span with no internal columns to enable un-hindered and efficient aircraft storage, maintenance and movability.
> Custom full height sliding doors to front and side elevation walls including brush seals to minimise air and weather ingress. Heavy duty bottom roll multitrack system to allow door stacking for maximum accessibility.
> Side elevation door also incorporating emergency exit door.
> No column to side door bay to allow for 15m wide access for aircraft wing span and helicopter prop blade span.
> Designed to compliment the existing office building and allow easy access.
> Civil design with integrated retaining wall design by Techspan

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