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Searching For A Custom Shed Manufacturer In Tamworth? TechSpan is a leading manufacturer of rural, commercial and industrial sheds, hangars and covered horse arenas. Our local engineers specialise in designing and manufacturing large sheds that are structured to work.

Our sheds are custom designed to suit your needs and are backed by our Unbreakable 25 Year Structural Guarantee. We are able to help with all stages of designing and building your custom structural steel shed in Tamworth, from planning to completion. Our expert team can help with design, council approvals, and installation. The TechSpan Smart Build System allows us to help you every step of the process, to enable you to get the shed you’re looking for.

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Regardless of whether you need a large machinery shed, a workshop, or a huge industrial complex, our team can ensure you get a structural steel shed that is structured to work. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect shed for your needs.

About Our Sheds

Strength & Reliability

We ensure that our structural steel framed sheds are much stronger than lighter alternatives.

Our sheds combine Sturdy UB columns, and Gal web trusses to provide a super-strong frame. Don’t run the risk of something inferior just because it may appear cheaper.

Customisable Designs

Our range of heavy-duty industrial sheds are fully adaptable & customisable.

Start with a pre-engineered standard frame design and our design consultants will help you to adapt the design to your requirements. This ensures you get a shed that’s structured to work, designed in the most efficient way.

Accredited Installers

Proper assembly and erection of your shed is vital to ensure a long and profitable lifespan.

We have a network of accredited tradespeople who can be trusted to do the installation right. We’ll offer our assistance from planning, right through to completion.

Assist You With Council Approval

Council approvals can be time-consuming. Our Smart Build System means we’re here to help though.

We can assist with your Tamworth City council planning application by providing plans and certification and free advice.

No Size Limits

TechSpan are the large shed experts. No matter how big your shed needs to be, when can help you plan a design that is structured to work.

With clear span designs from 6 metres to 60 metres available, there are not many structures that we can’t build.

Design & Certification

To give you assurance and peace-of-mind about the strength and security of your investment, we have all of our designs certified by a fully Independent Registered Structural Engineer.

Learn more about our process and how we enable you to get a shed that is structured to work.

Popular Shed Customisation Options


In many ways this is the single most important decision in your project. It is a juggling act managing space requirements, budgets and sometimes site restrictions.

It is important to consider for future expansion in this area as there is nothing more frustrating than having your hard earned expansion stilled by lack of space.


Shape is another thing to consider. Don’t let anybody push you into a box that is not the right shape for you.

Why struggle for years with an inefficient layout when this can be streamlined with a little planning.


Have you considered your current and long term requirements in this area? Maybe you have been planning for some larger machinery or some higher pallet racking.

Extra height is not as expensive as you might think.


TechSpan’s engineering experience starts underground. All designs include foundation details which can be customised to suit your location and soil. Our buildings are held down with engineered cast-in hold down bolts.

Watch out for low cost alternatives that use light weight plates and brackets that are only fixed down with low strength masonry anchors. No short cuts should be taken in this critical area.

Bay Spacing

The Bay spacing refers to the spacing of the portal rafters lengthways down the building. Our normal bay spacings range between 6 – 8 Meters.

We can accommodate spacing both smaller and larger than this to suit individual requirements.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are a very tidy door option looking great in all applications. These are really handy for small openings. For larger openings (5.0m+) it begins to become an expensive alternative.

Open Sides

Open sides on buildings are a useful option for allowing easy access to your covered area. Depending on your situation you may like to have one end or one side open — possibly even no walls at all.

Internal walls can be constructed should you need “half and half”. TechSpan designs are all fully flexible and can cater for the combination that best suits you

Removed Columns

TechSpan engineers can arrange for a column to be removed from an opening in your building. The weight is transferred to those adjacent by a lateral truss.

This is great for situations where you might have large or awkward shaped machinery to get under cover, such as combine harvesters.

Canter Lever Awnings

It is never fun unloading trucks in the rain. Sometimes it is handy to have a little bit of extra room under cover, on the side or back of your building. Consider whether your project needs some type of additional awning. The team at TechSpan has many suggestions for you.

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Regardless of whether you need a large machinery shed, a workshop, or a huge industrial complex, our team can ensure you get a structural steel shed that is structured to work.

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