Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing a valuable asset many questions spring to mind. We have provided answers here to some of the more common questions to keep you moving.

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About Techspan

Who owns Techspan?

Where is Techspan based

Do you offer a warranty on your buildings?

Shed Design

Why should I buy a structural steel building instead of Cold formed purlin?

Do your designs have any certification?

What do I need to do about council approvals?

What are the differences between Colourbond and Zincallume cladding?

What do you use for Wall Bracing?

What type of Hold-down Bolts are used on your buildings?

Can you build a building any size?

Are your buildings “Shed Safe” accredited?

What is the difference between Sisilation and Foil backed insulation Blanket?

When considering cladding thickness what does TCT and BMT mean?

Shed Production

What is included in your kits?

What are your payment terms?

How quickly can I have my shed delivered?

How do you arrange delivery?

Shed Erection

Can I erect my shed myself?

Can you arrange installation for me?

What IS included in your erection price?

Do you install the slab as part of your contract?

Are your sheds safe to erect?