Standard Options

There are many options to consider if you want to achieve the very best outcomes with your new building.

We have provided the information below to help you make informed decisions about many key areas in your design.

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Shed Size


In many ways this is the single most important decision in your project. It is a juggling act managing space requirements, budgets and sometimes site restrictions.

It is important to consider for future expansion in this area as there is nothing more frustrating than having your hard earned expansion stilled by lack of space.

Shed Shape


Shape is another thing to consider. Don’t let anybody push you into a box that is not the right shape for you.

Why struggle for years with an inefficient layout when this can be streamlined with a little planning.

Shed Height


Have you considered your current and long term requirements in this area? Maybe you have been planning for some larger machinery or some higher pallet racking.

Extra height is not as expensive as you might think.

Bay Spacing

Bay Spacing

The Bay spacing refers to the spacing of the portal rafters lengthways down the building. Our normal bay spacings range between 6 – 8 Meters.

We can accommodate spacing both smaller and larger than this to suit individual requirements.



The open web trusses designed by TechSpan are the secret to our success. They provide the rigid skeleton to span your area without the wasted materials of heavy beams.

Their superior strength eliminates the need for ugly knee braces and ridge ties which infringe on your space. Our trusses are welded open web design made from AS1163 Grade Galvanized RHS.

They are engineered to provide the perfect balance between weight and strength.

Shed Columns


All columns on TechSpan buildings are constructed using universal beam. These are of solid one piece construction from top to bottom.

These are painted using our signature triple coat protection system zinc-rich primer long lasting shield against corrosion. For exceptional protection, columns can be hot dip galvanized.

Purlins and Girts

Purlins & Girts

TechSpan use high tensile Australian 450 Grade roll-formed purlins and girts on all buildings. Low grade imported alternatives are not considered by our engineers.



The majority of TechSpan buildings are clad with high tensile roll formed cladding. The two main options are Zincallume or Colourbond finish.

Zincallume is the most cost effective while Colourbond gives you the opportunity to personalise your building. Gutters and downpipes offer further room for creativity in this area.

Many past projects have blended the two by using Colourbond cladding on the walls and Zincallume cladding for the roof. TechSpan use double zinc coated cladding for even our Colourbond has a layer of zinc under the color for superior corrosion protection.



Most TechSpan buildings are constructed with a gable roof. This design is simple and functional making it suitable for most applications.

An alternative is a skillion roofline. The skillion option is useful where you require all the rainwater to flow to one side of the building. Applications include Commercial buildings against a lot boundary and open front machinery sheds. It is easier to harvest rainwater off this style of roof.

A further alternative is a curved roofline. This option is for those who want “a little bit extra” from their project. It is a great way to add a modern, professional image to your project.

Shed Foundations


TechSpan’s engineering experience starts underground. All designs include foundation details which can be customised to suit your location and soil. Our buildings are held down with engineered cast-in hold down bolts.

Watch out for low cost alternatives that use light weight plates and brackets that are only fixed down with low strength masonry anchors. No short cuts should be taken in this critical area.



TechSpan use only 8.8 Grade High Tensile Galvanized bolts for all structural connections. Quality Class 4 Roofing screws ensure your investment holds together.



Doors are viewed as a necessary complication to “kit shed” manufactures. We at TechSpan view them as an opportunity to maximise the effective use of your space.

Please consider your door requirements carefully. A lack of planning can have long term effects.

Roller Doors

Roller Doors

Roller doors are a very tidy door option looking great in all applications. These are really handy for small openings. For larger openings (5.0m+) it begins to become an expensive alternative.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors are the most versatile and cost effective door option, having virtually limitless configurations. From a standard opening, to a whole sliding wall. Large doors are no use if you cannot open them! We insist on over-engineering our door hardware to ensure many years of trouble free operation.

Personnel Access Doors

Personnel Access Doors

Most larger buildings require one or more PA doors as the larger doors normally cannot be opened from the outside. For this reason it is often useful to locate your PA doors near your larger doors.

Depending on the size of your building, Council Regulations could require you to have further PA doors around the perimeter of your building for use as fire exits.



Heavy duty Wall and Roof bracing plays a vital part in keeping your building standing. TechSpan engineers ensure the allowance is made to withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw your way.

All buildings can be cyclone rated if required.

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