Colour Charts

Our range of colours comes from the Bluescope Colorbond® range. Colorbond® steel’s range of designer colours offers you a superior product with a modern look.

Please find below the current range of colours available. The colour names below are registered trademarks of BHP Steel Limited. 

Please note: we recommend that you check preferred colour options against actual samples of the product before you purchase as colours on-screen could vary slightly from the actual product.

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Colorbond Colour Chart

Considerations When Choosing Your Colours

  • Do you want Zinc or Colourbond?
  • What colour do you want your roof?
  • What colour do you want for the walls?
  • What colour will the barges and gutters be?
  • What colour will be used for the doors and windows?

Our Top 3 Colour Choosing Tips

  1. An economical solution is to have Zinc roof and Colourbond walls. This is a good solution if the roof of your building is not very visible.
  2. Some local councils are insisting that Colourbond cladding be included on new buildings — check with your council before making a final decision.
  3. Consider a contrasting colour for the trims and doors of your building as this is a great way to add character to your shed.
Design Guide

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