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TechSpan are completely flexible with their building designs and offer an unsurpassed array of building options.

It is our mission that you should be able to have “Your shed – Your way”.

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Anticon Shed Insulation


Insulation is often an area that is passed over in shed design. The benefits of working through this are long lasting and rewarding.

Options include Anticon or Sisalation, Roof Insulation Blanket and Air-cell. Anticon is almost essential for most buildings as nobody really likes condensation dripping everywhere on those cooler mornings. 

The roof blanket offers further benefits – cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It is truly surprising what difference it actually makes. Please consider these requirements carefully.

Air-cell in is a premium insulation product which offers superior insulation qualities while maintaining a very low profile of just 8mm thick. It looks like foil backed "Bubble Wrap".

Open Side Shed

Open Sides

Open sides on buildings are a useful option for allowing easy access to your covered area. Depending on your situation you may like to have one end or one side open — possibly even no walls at all.

Internal walls can be constructed should you need “half and half”. TechSpan designs are all fully flexible and can cater for the combination that best suits you.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Including a mezzanine floor in your new project design is a cost effective way of increasing the floor area of your building without increasing its footprint. TechSpan can accommodate all your requirements in the area including stairs and balustrading.


Canter Lever Awnings

It is never fun unloading trucks in the rain. Sometimes it is handy to have a little bit of extra room under cover, on the side or back of your building. Consider whether your project needs some type of additional awning. The team at TechSpan has many suggestions for you.

Facade Front

Façade Front (Square Line Front)

Building a façade front is a great way to transform your industrial building into a professional business premises.

We have a range of alternative cladding products to further enhance the look of your building. The possibilities in this area are endless. Draw on our experience in this area to create the look that is right for you.

Whirlybird Shed Ventilation
Ridge Vent Shed Ventilation


Natural roof ventilation serves two very important functions on your building. It provides temperature relief by allowing the hot air that gathers up in the ridge of your building to escape, creating a convection current thus drawing cooler air in through the lower openings. Provision can be made to have these seasonally adjustable.

The other benefit of roof ventilation is it allows unwanted fumes to escape from the building. Maybe the old tractor is not running like it used to, or perhaps those welding fumes are a bit overpowering. It is surprising what results can be achieved with natural ventilation.

The two most popular options are Ridge Vents and “Whirly birds”. The TechSpan team can help with your requirements.



Wall louvres are basically wall vents. Whilst roof vents allow the hot air to escape you need some way of allowing fresh air back into the building.

Louvres allow you to achieve this without compromising the security of your building. Wire netting can also be fitted to keep them rodent and bird proof.

Removed Column

Removed Columns

TechSpan engineers can arrange for a column to be removed from an opening in your building. The weight is transferred to those adjacent by a lateral truss.

This is great for situations where you might have large or awkward shaped machinery to get under cover, such as combine harvesters.

Gantry Crane Beams

Gantry Crane Beams

Gantry Cranes are marvelous for anyone moving heavy loads within their building. TechSpan engineers can cater for any special needs you may have. Swing arm cranes can be mounted from a single column if required.



Skylights are a great way to take advantage of natural sunlight to light your building. The team at TechSpan has many ideas in this area for both roof and walls. Investment in this area will pay itself off many times by reducing the ever-rising cost of electricity used.



Windows add both light and ventilation to your building. They also improve the atmosphere in any room or office by providing a refreshing view outside.

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