Strength in Partnerships

Techspan Builder Partnership Program

Welcome to Techspan

TechSpan are an Australian, family owned and operated business who specialise in the custom design, engineering and construction of large structural steel buildings.  

With more than 25 years in the industry and over 2500 projects delivered during this time, our experience allows us to seamlessly support our builder clients through their entire project process. 

Our Smart Build System™ enables you to save both time and money by helping you to move through the planning, design and construction project stages more efficiently. 

Our carefully crafted and well-honed system provides our builder partners with an ‘unfair advantage’ by delivering the complete package – streamlining the traditional approach of multiple scopes and providers. 

Our team of highly skilled Design Consultants, Engineers, Tradesmen and Project Managers work to reduce the risk and stress of your project and tailor the exact solution you need. 

We are passionate about providing the highest quality structures and customer experience for every client and our mission at Techspan is to; Make Big Sheds Simple. 

The keystone of our design is a fully fabricated structural steel frame which is both strong and long-lasting. We use roll formed steel cladding and/or concrete panels to enclose the building and guarantee that every project we design and manufacture inhouse is to the highest international quality, building code and safety standards. 

We stand by our reputation and track record of successful projects in both the government and private sectors, and stand by our promise to deliver buildings that are Structured to Work – from planning to completion.

What We Do for Builders

Simplify | De-Risk | Increase Profits. 

Techspan enables builders just like you to increase their profitability by de-risking and simplifying the quoting, design, engineering, manufacture and construction processes of large structural shed projects. Our mission at Techspan is to Make Big Sheds Simple. 

Our builder partners really do achieve an ‘unfair advantage’ in the marketplace through the use of Techspans Smart Build System™. The traditional process of juggling the various stages, multiple suppliers, project management milestones, let alone also trying to manage client relations is hands-on, extremely time consuming and costly. 

Techspan builder partners experience a significantly more streamlined process – we do the heavy lifting for you. With our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing, we streamline your process by providing one point of contact, reducing the time it takes from client enquiry to steel package on-site.

The Market Advantage


Win More Projects, Faster 

  • Free prelim structural design 
  • Free quotes on specified or un-specified projects 
  • Cost effective, efficient engineering designs 
  • Fast turnaround, streamlined quoting process and well specified quotes 


Reduce Risk, Stress and Time 

  • A complete and integrated package approach including structural steel, cladding, roofing and accessories – reducing risk with engineering upgrades post tender 
  • Streamlined project scopes – less trades you need to manage
    • Structural Engineering and Drafting 
    • Structural Steel Fabrication 
    • Roofing and Cladding Supply 
  • Accessories Supply – Large doors, PA doors, Windows, Ventilation, Gantry Cranes, Awnings, Mezzanines and other Architectural Features 
  • Installation of Techspan Scope Items 
  • Inhouse design and manufacture provides full control of the timeline and expedites project turn around 
  • Collaborative design process using modern 3D BIM odelling to ensure all alignment of project scope


Win-Win Partnership 

  • We are in it for the long-term, not the quick wins 
  • We will also feed you leads for project install in your region

The Traditional Method

The traditional method for managing a client project can be highly stressful and extremely time consuming. 

With so many steps in the project management workflow and the endless juggling of multiple providers, it is realistic for time frame blowouts, increased likelihood of mistakes, additional stress and taking up time that could be better spent on growing your business. Multiply this across a number of client projects and it’s easy to see how this traditional method of project management can quickly spiral into chaos. 

The solution: significantly simplify your project management workflow by partnering with a provider that offers a far more integrated and streamlined approach.

The Smart Build System

Perfected over 25 years in the industry, Techspan’s Smart Build SystemTM offers builders the ability to significantly streamline their projects. 

TechSpan believes in strength in partnerships. Our mission for our builder partners is to streamline the traditional project method by providing a range of integrated services via one point of contact. We help you do the heavy lifting through a smarter and more efficient approach by delivering the design, engineering, steel detailing, structural steel fabrication, wall panel/cladding and roofing supply. 

Not only will we help you re-risk, de-stress, save time and increase your profits, we will send more business your way too.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about becoming a Techspan build partner and receive our ‘Strength in Partnerships’ information pack, complete the form details and register your interest today.

Our Sheds

Case Studies

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aerial overview of horticulture facility

Custom Designed Nursery Planting Shed in Southbrook, Qld

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TechSpan partnered with Newlands Group to design, manufacture and build a large 25 x 120m custom building to house automated planting equipment for Boomaroo Nurseries in Southbrook, Queensland. The Brief… Read The Full Case Study

Multi-Tenancy Commercial Building in Toowoomba, Qld

Industrial | Industrial Sheds

The client required a large, well-designed, but cost-effective building for a multi-tenancy commercial development in Toowoomba, Queensland. We consulted closely with our client to ensure the final design met all… Read The Full Case Study

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