20m (w) x 40m (l) x 12m (h) Manufacturing Facility, Morriset NSW

When a master craftsman and his talented team needed a brand new facility to support their growing business, they called Techspan to deliver the design, engineering and manufacture of this purpose built manufacturing facility.

The Brief

DMF Engineering is a business dedicated to quality manufacturing and they have a very good eye for detail. Due to the growth of their business, they needed a new, purpose built manufacturing facility that provided the height needed for their various projects, lots of floor space and various working areas, maximum accessibility to goods inward and project egress and loading.

Project Overview

Manufacture Time:

2 weeks

Site Erection Time:

6 Weeks


Manufacturing Facility


DMF Engineering


Morriset NSW

Project Features

Size & Structure

20 m (W) x 40 m (L) x 12m (H)


  • Structural Steel
  • Concrete wall to meet fire regulations
  • Colourbond cladding


  • 8m wide x 40m long cantilever awning
  • 6.5m wide x 7.5m high custom sliding doors – maximum accessibility for large projects – top rail mounted to minimise access/obstruction
  • Structural support for one 40 tonne or 2 x 20 tonne gantry crane/s
  • Concrete wall to side elevation to meet fire regulations

Our Innovative Solution

After reaching out to Techspan and stepping through our free design consultation, design and engineering and custom manufacturing stages, the result was a 20m wide x 40m long and 12 m high structural steel building with structural support for one 40 tonne or 2 x 20 tonne gantry cranes, HUGE 6.5m wide x 7.5m high custom top rail sliding doors and an ENORMOUS 8m wide x 40m long cantilevered awning to support all weather loading, additional workspace and protected project and/or material storage.

From design approval by the client and council, this steel structure with concrete fire wall and cladded external walls and doors was manufactured in just 2 weeks, delivered to site and installed in just 6 weeks.

With DMF Engineering delivering next level quality, master crafted solutions for their clients, Techspan were extremely proud to receive such positive feedback regarding the quality of work, practical and efficient design and timely turnaround – not to mention that our solution has enabled DMF grow their team, deliver even more complex projects in less time.

Proof of yet another Techspan project ‘Structure to Work’.

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