[Case Study] Machinery Shed In Pallamallawa, NSW

Design Brief

Being a rural contractor, the client had loads of wide machinery that he needed to store in the shed. The design of the shed required double width 16 metre bays to make the space very accessible and versatile. The client also needed bays for trucks and narrow machinery. This resulted in two 8 metre bays at one end of the building. One of the single bays had two openings to allow a truck to drive through. This enabled the client to drive in and out with a road train without unhitching or reversing.

Project Details

  • Manufacture Time: 5-7 weeks
  • Site Erection Time: 2-3 weeks
  • Purpose: Machinery Shed
  • Client: Jordie Cosh
  • Location: Pallamallawa, NSW

Building Features

Shed Configuration & Dimensions

  • Configuration: Open front
  • Dimensions: 24 metre span, 64 metre long, 6.7 metre high
  • Bay Spacing: 8 metre bays
  • Clearance Height: 5.5 metre


  • Column Construction: Universal Beam
  • Rafter Construction: Welded Web Truss
  • Steelwork Treatment: Painted

Cladding, Gutters & Downpipes

  • Cladding Profile: Trimdeck
  • Roof Cladding Finish: Zinc
  • Wall Cladding Finish: Zinc
  • Gutter Finish: Zinc
  • Downpipe Finish: PVC

Custom Features

  • 16 metre bays: 2 open front only, 1 drive through
  • 6.0 metre Cantilever Awning

Unique Project Requirements & Solutions

  • 16m bay openings for wide machinery – 3 off along the open side 1 drive through so that he could drive in with his planter on the tractor and drive back out the other side without unhitching or reversing.

  • 6m cantilever awning for additional weather protection and to provide an undercover area to do machinery maintenance under.
Design Guide

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