[Case Study] Machinery Shed In Dalby QLD

Design Brief

The customer had an existing shed and wanted a larger shed built next to it. The new shed needed to be connected to the original shed so the customer could easily move between both sheds, particularly in wet weather.

The new machinery shed needed a wide opening of 16 metres to allow the customer to drive his planter into the shed without disconnecting it from the tractor.

The shed also needed to include a 12 metre opening on another side and a high awning on the outside to store some of his other machines underneath

Building Features

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    30 metres wide, 32 metres long (Five 6.4 metre bays), 7 metres high.
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    We removed a column on one side and installed a reinforced girder truss to make a 12 metre opening.
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    A 16 metre opening at one gable end. 
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    One 6 metre by 6 metre sliding door so he can close of the shed from weather systems coming from the south west.
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    8 metre skillion awning on one side
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    Seamless integration between existing shed and new shed.
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    Cladding Type: Colorbond Custom-Orb (Corro)

Unique Project Requirements

The old shed was not suitable to build directly onto. The customer wanted to continue using the original shed, but also wanted to be able to move between both sheds.

Techspan Innovative Solution

TechSpan built a large free standing structure directly next to the original shed. We ran the sheeting down the side of the new shed to the top of the original shed. We then custom built a flashing to seal the two sheds together, waterproofing it and providing a clean professional finish.

Design Guide

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