[Case Study] Helicopter Hangar In Tea Gardens, NSW

Design Brief

The client wanted up to build a hangar to store a helicopter and double as a machinery storage shed. The hangar needed to have full opening hangar doors on the front and a small roller door for through access for smaller vehicles. 

The hangar was located on a large property near Tea Gardens, NSW. The building would be close to the beach, so rust resistance had to be implemented.

Building Features

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    16m Wide x 18m Long x 6m High
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    Full width open front access
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    Heavy duty bottom roller doors with outrigger
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    Hot dipped galvanised portal frame columns and end wall mullions
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    Engineered slab and apron
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    Insulation on the roof
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    Region A Wind Rating

Unique Project Requirements & Solutions

  • A Tight Deadline The client needed the hangar to be constructed and delivered in a short period of time. Because we are an agile company, we were able to get the designs and engineering put through quickly. We were able to shuffle around production schedules and get shed shed onsite read for installation in a very short period of time.
  • A Corrosive Environment: The salt air of the coastal area can be corrosive to unprotected steel. To combat this all the portal frame columns and end wall mullions were hot dipped galvanised. The cladding was also made from rust resistant Colorbond.
  • Heavy Duty Full Width Roller Doors: The client wanted large sliding doors to allow full access to the hangar. To give full width open access we installed outriggers to carry the sliding doors outside the width of the building. The doors included heavy duty bottom rollers to ensure smooth opening hangar doors. 
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    Load Bearing Slab and Apron: The slab needed to take the weight of a helicopter as well as vehicles that would also be stored within the hangar. It was designed and engineered by us to take the weight of the helicopter and vehicles. 

If you are interested in building your own hangar, contact us today. We can work with you to construct a custom steel building to suit your needs.

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