[Case Study] Farm Storage Shed In Upper Horton NSW

Design Brief

The client needed a large shed to store farm machinery and a number of 19 metre long prime movers. The storage shed needed to provide wind protection and allow for easy access for a variety of vehicles.

Building Features

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    20m Wide x 30m Long x 5.25m High
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    2 Cladded Walls. South and West facing.
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    4 x 7.5m Bays
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    Open Gable End and Open Side
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    Rain Harvesting. Drainage into 2 water tanks.
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    Built On Piers.
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    Traditional Australian farm shed with corrugated zinc cladding.
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    Region A Shed

Unique Project Requirements & Solutions

  • Sloped Land: The terrain of the shed was slightly sloped. The shed was built up on piers to keep the structure level, but still allowed the slope of the ground to facilitate drainage.
  • 20 Metre Span: This particular farm shed required a 19m prime mover to be easily stored undercover. We created a 20 metre span using single piece trusses. These trusses allow for a very economical shed build. They are a great size to fit farm equipment and trucks. They are also very easy to transport to the site and quick to install.
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    Weather Protection: To protect again prevailing winds and weather, corrugated zinc cladding was used on the south and west facing sides of the shed.
Design Guide

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