[Case Study] Farm Shed At Mt Russell NSW

Design Brief

The customer contact TechSpan in need of a structural steel shed to store four pieced of large farm machinery

He wanted it closed on three sides, with a larger front opening so he could easily drive his machines in and out.

Building Features

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    15 metres wide, 24 metres long, 5.35 metres high.
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    One fully open side.
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    Four 6 metre bays to store the farm machinery.
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    Cladding Type: Zinc Trim-Deck (Zinc Plated)

Unique Project Requirements

The customer came to us looking for a high quality farm shed to store his machinery. It was important that the shed had wide openings to provide access for larger pieces of equipment

Techspan Innovative Solution

. We were able to create 2x 12m(40') wide openings in the front wall. This was achieved by removing two of the columns and supporting the roof trusses by a strong lateral truss between the adjacent columns. the result was a solid structural steel shed engineered with superior strength and larger functional openings for access. 

Design Guide

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