[Case Study] Cotton Shed In Gunnedah, NSW

Design Brief

The client came to us wanting to build a cotton storage shed on an existing slab. We enabled the client to use his existing slab by customising the building width to fit over the slab.

The building required a number of bays open at one end to allow for an undercover loading area. This area was designed for semi trailers to be loaded and driven through without worrying about wet weather.

The client also required the building to retain the roof water run off. By customising the downpipes we were able to gather the rainwater and funnel it into rainwater tanks effectively.

On the back corner of the shed there was a very high traffic flow. The corner was leading in and out of the farms main production facility and was used consistently by forklifts throughout the day. The client required an unobstructed opening in the new building to allow for easy access. We cut the corner for the shed at an angle to provide a straight through entry from his production facility into his storage area.

Removable doors where also designed, built and fitted for the custom corner entry. The tracks were open ended, and designed in a way that a forklift could hook on the doors and pull them out.

Project Details

  • Manufacture Time: 6 weeks
  • Site Erection Time: 10 weeks
  • Purpose: Storage and distribution of processed cotton.
  • Clients: Carroll Cotton
  • Location: Carroll NSW (Gunnedah)

Building Features

Shed Configuration & Dimensions

  • Configuration: 32 metre span x 70 metres long
  • Bay Spacing: 7.7 metre bays
  • Clearance Height: 6.5 metre eave


  • Column Construction:  410 UB
  • Rafter Construction: Welded Web Truss
  • Steelwork Treatment: Painted

Cladding, Gutters & Downpipes

  • Cladding Profile: Trimdeck Clad
  • Roof Cladding Finish: Colorbond
  • Wall Cladding Finish: Colorbond
  • Gutter Finish: Colorbond
  • Downpipe Finish: Colorbond

Custom Features

  • Custom span to fit over existing slab
  • Custom door design for access through back corner
Design Guide

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