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Unbreakable 25 Year Structural Guarantee. We believe our sheds are so strong that we back them up with a 25-year Structural Warranty.

And guess what? No hidden small print! It’s all here on display right from the start.

  • The Building Must Be Erected By One Of Our Accredited Installers otherwise we can’t be sure that the bolts have been done up tight or the roofing could be missing screws.
  • Impact Or Collision: We can’t provide cover for a truck taking out a doorway or a tree falling on the roof.
  • Dangerous Loads: Of course any building is likely to fail if you overwork it with loads that it was never designed to take. So if the rafter bends when you try to crane up the tractor we can’t cover that. (Unless of course you told us at the design stage and we built the truss to suit.)
  • Malicious Damage: While we trust you to try to look after your shed we recommend that you maintain insurance cover for those who don’t.
  • Freak Wind Loads: Our sheds are designed to stand up in 1-in-100 year wind loads. So providing Mother Nature stays in keeping with tradition, you’re covered.
  • Maintenance: Sheds are like all other structures and require some maintenance. So we expect you to do your bit and carry out your basic tasks every year or so. Don’t stress, this is just things like keeping the gutters cleaned out and door rollers oiled.
  • Colour Fading: While Colorbond is great stuff it still does fade a little over time so you will need to allow for this. All Cladding is Genuine Australian made BlueScope product and is covered by the BlueScope standard warranty.
  • Marine Environment: Buildings less than 5km from the Coast are not covered against corrosion.
  • Limit Of Cover: As we build sheds and not bank vaults, you will still need to maintain insurance cover for the contents and of course public liability to cover what may happen to third parties.

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